WeThinkCode_, a newly established tech institution officially launched their campus on Wednesday and announced the 120 coders who will be the first to complete their two-year course. By Staff Writer

70 000 jobs in South Africa remain vacant due to a skills shortage of coders.

WeThinkCode_ in a joint venture between founders Arlene Mulder, Camille Agon, Justinus Adriaanse and Yossi Hasson, was opened in response to this demand.

Born to Code

“We aim to equip students with the skills to become world class digital problem solvers. And so tonight, we are pleased to reveal the most talented coders who partook in an intense selection process and have succeeded to become the first to experience our two-year peer-to-peer digital training,” says Agon.

WeThinkCode_ received over 30 000 applications for the selection process which opened in October 2015. Only 2% of the entrants passed both online qualifying assessments. From this, 300 candidates were selected to participate in one of three, four-week long boot-camp sessions.

“The purpose of tonight’s event is therefore not only to reveal them as outstanding talent but

Born to Code

also to showcase their creative potential which goes well beyond coding. The success of this event is owed to them, our students, who are standing in as MC’s, DJ’s, event coordinators, waitrons and I must say, have really pulled off this shindig with panache and style,” says Agon.

Says Mulder: “This event would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the support from our 26 corporate sponsors and three founding sponsors (FNB, BBD and Derivco) who have not only raised R13 million to support our vision but really care about making digital skills transfer a reality.”

As part of its commitment to improve the quality of sub-Saharan Africa’s internet connectivity, pan-African wholesale network service provider Workonline Communications has committed to sponsoring high speed internet access for innovative tech incubator WeThinkCode_.

“Workonline Communications is committed to contributing towards a healthy IT sector in South Africa, as well as the rest of the continent. Our investments into worthwhile local initiatives such as WeThinkCode_ and Cape Town Garage are an important aspect of this,” says Edward Lawrence, Director of Business Development at Workonline Communications.

“We believe that it is very important for corporates to give back to the communities in which they operate. We are only as successful as the connectivity of a region allows us to be, or the economy in which we operate, therefore it is in our interest to invest in companies, start-ups and individuals that contribute to the development of the industry as a whole.”

“Computer programmers are going to be designing the future Africa. We aim to grow the institution annually offering an opportunity for women and men from all backgrounds to apply for this program. In order to ensure that we create a future world that works for all of us we would like to encourage more corporates to join as sponsors. Interested sponsors for 2017 can contact Arlene Mulder at Arlene@wethinkcode.co.za” concludes Mulder.

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