Tonplaygo is a new popular culture or sports trivia app that rewards its players with loads of cash each week to connect with fashion and high-tech brands.

The players play against each other and the clock, down to the last millisecond!

The game is built as a Brand & Product Discovery Platform where featured brand products are actual prizes that can be won.

By taking part in weekly gaming challenges, players have the opportunity to engage in an immersive and friendly way with trendy retail brands and tech products, with a large number of players winning their share of up to R40,000 in prizes every week; with this prize pool increasing over time.

The app is created, designed and developed in South Africa. “It is the first app of its kind globally and something that we can truly say is Proudly South African,” says the app developers.

TonPlayGo App Logo

Its target audience is South African iOS and Android smartphone users comprising of Generation Z aged 14-17, Millennials aged 18-34 and Generation X aged 35-45.


Tonplaygoers engage with trendy and aspirational lifestyle brands by putting their popular culture/sports trivia or puzzle solving skills to the test each week.

Players travel the Road to Fame through six status levels by completing each gameplay component successfully, in so doing earning more Ton Bucks (its virtual currency) at each level to bag more potential prizes.

Players who reach the top status level for each gaming category can bag up to R5000 in potential prizes!

At the end of each weekly challenge, all players for each gaming category are ranked on the Tonplaygo Leaderboard based on their gameplay score and total time taken to complete each gameplay component, down to the last millisecond.

Winners are awarded the prizes in their Bag (or a gift voucher equivalent) based on their leaderboard ranking and associated status level. There are 5 different prize levels for each gaming category, allowing for a large number of winners every week!

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