In a South African first, customers can now securely and conveniently purchase apps and content from Google Play using their devices and charge it directly to their Telkom mobile bill or airtime. Staff Writer


Direct Carrier Billing, an integrated carrier billing service, for Google Play for smartphones and tablets is now available on Telkom’s mobile network.

The service available through the integration of Telkom’s event billing service with the Bango Payments Platform.

This will enable Telkom customers to buy books, applications and in-game purchases from the Google Play Store and charge it directly to their mobile phone bill or airtime.

Customers can also make in-app purchases, such as additional content or new levels for a gaming app, without interruption to the app experience.

To make secure purchases and payments, customers would need a Telkom mobile SIM card and the can enable Telkom Billing on their Google Play Store.

“This partnership with Bango provides Telkom customers with a seamless experience of purchasing applications from Google Play and charging it directly to their mobile phone bill or airtime,” Attila Vitai, MD of Mobile and Consumer at Telkom.

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