In a move to diversify revenue streams, Massmart has clinched a deal with Apple to transform some of its DionWired shops into Apple White Stores. By Gugu Lourie

Retail giant Massmart, which owns Game, Makro and Builders’ Warehouse, on Thursday announced that some of its DionWired stores will become Apple White Stores.

“We are excited that nine stores (DionWired) have been selected recently to become Apple White Stores,” Massmart CEO Guy Hawyard, inform investors via the JSE.

The retailer, which is owned by US Walmart, said on Thursday that DionWired’s total sales growth was 7.9% and the online offering represented 1.5% of total sales for the period ended-June 30, slightly lower due to changes in aspects of our offering.

Last October, Apple unveiled its new mini retail store, a stunning all-new design featuring stainless steel walls and seamless white floors and ceilings. The mini store is half the size of Apple’s smallest store to date, which will allow it to be placed in a variety of new locations to introduce Apple’s innovative products to even more customers

“Our mini store is a big experience that fits in a small space,” Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice president

of Retail said at the time. “The mini store’s small size will allow us to place stores in a variety of interesting new locations, while retaining innovations like the Genius Bar that have made Apple’s retail stores such a hit.”

Apple Mini Retail Store

Massmart didn’t provide further information on DionWired stores and the deal with Apple.

Furthermore, Massmart announced that it will be launching a commercial customer online solution for Makro by September 2015.

The retailer believe that it has learnt lessons from its General Merchandise and Liquor online offerings, launched in March and October 2014.

“We remain excited at the potential of this channel,” the company said. “Analysis of online customer purchasing behavior has indicated that click-and-collect customers typically make further purchases in-store when collecting their online purchases. Whilst still effectively in test-phase, the new Makro Pick-up locker project demonstrates our willingness to innovate, and during September 2015 we will launch a Commercial Customer online solution.”



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