By Gugu Lourie

Vodacom, the country’s biggest mobile phone operator by subscribers, on Monday launched a bonus prepaid airtime promotion, which provides customers with additional airtime tomorrow equivalent to the airtime used today.

Whatever you use today, you get 100% back for free tomorrow through the Use & Get prepaid promotion.

Vodacom said the new promotion is designed to attract new customers and reward loyalty.

For example, if a Vodacom customer uses R5 worth of airtime today they will get R5 airtime back for free tomorrow.

Bonus airtime will be charged at standard Vodacom rates and the promotion will run until the end of June 2015.

“The bonus airtime is valid until midnight of the same day,” the mobile phone operator said on Monday.

It added that bonus airtime can be used to access the internet, send SMSes or to make on-net calls. “There is no limit on how much bonus airtime a customer can receive,” said Vodacom.

To access Use & Get, opt-in by dialling *111#, select promotions from the menu and follow the prompts (Alternatively dial *111*790# for the direct string). Opt-in only needs to be performed once.

Vodacom said that bundle purchases such as Power Hour and Power Internet do not count as qualifying spend. Customers need to spend on non-bundled voice, data and SMS to accumulate for the following day. Bonus airtime cannot be used to purchase any bundle [voice/sms/data] or digital content.



  1. This is Vodascam at their best..! There is no 50% bonus. The bastids lie! I tried it…yes I did receive a notice about the bonus airtime. After 3 days it was gone! I called the customer care center only to be told that it was used up when I connected to the Internet…! Yea right! Even while I still tons of available data and use mostly WiFi (for updates and Internet browsing) – Vodascam will first use the ‘bonus airtime’ for connectivity! Please research before you print garbage or did Vodascum pay you to write this!

  2. Mine was given to me just now and when trying to use it to call another Vodacom line, it is taking on my airtime.

  3. I have received this bonus “extra” airtime but it’s just there, you cannot use it to make calls buy data or sms… It’s just there for nothing… Bad Vodacom… Very bad… Disappointed

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