If you need to secure your home and are looking for affordable quality monitoring equipment that that’s easy to set up and use both indoors and outdoors, I recommend that you get yourself a Vox Telecom Guardian Eye Lite outdoor IP camera.

This Wi-Fi-enabled IP-based camera keeps an eye on your home or business via a smart device – smartphone or tablet. You will, however, need a Wi-Fi router and internet connection to activate the camera.

I mounted the camera on my garage, which has a Wi-Fi network from Telkom. I was able to view the access area to my gate. I have the option of moving the camera back inside the house when I need to.

The beauty about this kit is that it works perfectly during the day and night via dual lense, which allows it to record quality images and videos.

I also found that it was easy to set up the monitoring equipment. I simply downloaded the free mEZViewerPro app. After that I was able to monitor my house from my Samsung smartphone and MTN Steppa Tablet.

The camera connects to an existing network, which is easy to sync with your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

The mEZViewerPro app enables the user to view the feed from the camera remotely using a compatible smart device. The video feed can also be recorded for playback later. It also takes still images and  you can upload them remotely to Dropbox.

Even after had I left my house, I was still able to view it on my Samsung smartphone and MTN Steppa Tablet.

The quality of the colour images was amazing and was way more advanced than ordinary security cameras.

For more than a month I have had the privileged of trying out a Wi-Fi-enabled IP camera from Vox Telecom. I am frankly reluctant to let go of it.

It has made my life easier, especially when my security company alerts me of an activated alarm.

I can quickly check on my house no matter where I am and initiate the necessary action to safeguard my property.

The Wi-Fi-enabled IP camera enables me to watch and listen to live footage of videos and audio sounds in my house whenever I want from anywhere.

The Guardian Eye Lite camera from Vox Telecom is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Never before have I felt this safe – I can first check on the live video that everything is in order outside and inside the house before I return home.

The only drawback is that the camera can’t work without internet or electricity.

The Wi-Fi-enabled IP-based camera – which has its own unique code and password – comes with a metal casing with extendable lip for shade and protection from the elements. It also has been built to resist vandalism.

The mEZViewerPro app is accessible for free for both Android and iOS smartphone users.

The Vox Telecom’s Guadian Eye Lite camera is easy to install. It comes with all the required screws for mounting and cables to connect plus an instruction CD to show users how to install a wired or wireless connection.

The Guardian Eye Lite camera is priced at R2 459 cash. It is also available on a 12-month contact at R270 a month. Alternatively one can opt for a 24-month contract at a cost of R150/month.

Finally, if you’re looking at monitoring your house in a digital world via your smart device with best quality images and videos, then Guardian Eye Lite camera is for you. It is available at Vox Telecom. This camera is made for those customers seeking a basic monitoring system that’s easy to set up and use.


  • Provides good results
  • Perfect video and quality still images
  • No installers or technical knowledge required
  • Better night vision
  • Detects movements
  • Affordable if you have an Internet access
  • Weather and vandal resistant
  • Could save images and videos on 32GB SD card
  • View live or push notification clips on smart device
  • The free mEZViewerPro app is easy to install and use


  • 32GB SD card for recording not included
  • Camera not feasible if you want to mount the camera within a 15.1 metre radius of the Wi-Fi router
  • No back up battery
  • Useless when there is electricity load shedding
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