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Boardroom Games

Boardroom Games

How Blockchain Technology Could Transform the Food Industry

Blockchain technology could solve food safety and fraud by enabling immediate traceability to the point of origin.
by Sylvain Charlebois, Dalhousie University There has been a lot of noise on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin of late. While some suggest cryptocurrencies are a fraud, others believe them to be the next biggest economic revolution the world has seen since the internet. Bitcoin has brought...

Meet the Local AI System Leading the Global Customer Service Scene

Alan Turnley-Jones, executive for Sservices for the Middle East and Africa at Dimension Data
by Alan Turnley-Jones, executive for Sservices for the Middle East and Africa at Dimension Data If I were to ask you how happy your clients are with your business’ performance, could you give an accurate answer? Could you tell me how happy they are with...

US Software Business Expert Joins Xineoh Board

Xineoh, a technology startup that developed a new type of machine learning recommendation engine, will soon welcome its first ‘tech giant’ to its board of directors.   John Robison is a senior executive leader with many years of expertise in rapid growth and scalability of technology...

South Africa’s Race Relations Laid Bare in Steinhoff Corporate Scandal

Businessman rejecting money in white envelope offered by his partner in the dark - anti bribery concept
  by Steven Friedman, University of Johannesburg South Africans are fond of debating whether public or private sector failings are the bigger problem. It does not take too long to realise that they are really talking about race. This is evident as the country faces an unusual...

Sxuirrel: The Airbnb of Storage Secures R2.4 Million in Funding

Sxuirrel Logo
Sxuirrel, a Stellenbosch based peer-to-peer storage and space finding solution, has secured seed funding of R2.4 million from a strategic partner investment holding company with interests in the storage, logistics and transport industry, in return for a minority shareholding. Sxuirrel, South Africa’s first peer-to-peer...

The ‘utopian’ Currency Bitcoin is a Potentially Catastrophic Energy Guzzler

Money making idea. Light bulb with Bitcoin symbol.
by John Quiggin,  The University of Queensland The recent upsurge in the price of Bitcoin seems to have finally awakened the world to the massively destructive environmental consequences of this bubble. These consequences were pointed out as long ago as 2013 by Australian sustainability analyst and entrepreneur...

How SA Merchants Can Sell More Using the “Buy Online, Pick up in Store” Model

While the concept of omnichannel isn’t new – it’s been a buzzword in marketing since 2015 - it has certainly grown into a worthwhile and important approach to sales. At its simplest, omnichannel refers to a selling strategy that gives customers a shopping experience...

The Best Set-Top Box You Can Buy in Mzansi This Festive

Multimedia video wall television broadcast. multimedia wall television video broadcast advertising background broadcasting concept
This year a group of new streaming video devices were launched in Mzansi, including Telkom LIT Android TV Media Player, Econet’s Kwesé Play, and Cell C’s black set-top box. I have been binge watching on the three set top boxes since September and am impressed. If...

Global Bitcoin Platform Luno Reaches One Million Customers Milestone

Luno team in Cape Town
Luno, a South African-based bitcoin platform, has exceeded the one million customers mark. It is one of the world’s most popular Bitcoin platforms, making it easy for people to buy, sell and learn about digital currencies. The company has offices in London, Singapore and Cape Town...

Vodacom’s Digital Bank Moves R1.3 Trillion Through M-Pesa Service

Vodacom new logo and shake ad
Vodacom's digital bank  or mobile money service known as M-Pesa is flying as more customers signed-up, making it Africa’s biggest payment platform. Mobile financial services—often called mobile money—are a high priority for many mobile operators, financial institutions, technology firms, and governments, according to McKinsey. It added...