On September 11, 2023, Johannesburg is set to become the venue for the grand inauguration of the “Centre for Open Education.” This landmark initiative is the result of a collaborative effort between the Russian Biotechnological University (BIOTECH) and the Empire Partner Foundation, aimed at advancing the objectives outlined in the federal project “Scientific, methodological, and personnel support for the teaching of Russian and languages of the Russian Federation.”

This project is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

This Russian initiative is aimed at consolidating the efforts of representatives of Russian and foreign educational, scientific and public organizations in the sphere of interstate dialogue on the development of cooperation between Russian and foreign educational organizations, introduction of promising forms of promoting Russian education and science on the world market, and increasing the attractiveness of Russian education for foreign youth.

In the last few years, Russian universities have been actively promoting Russian education in this region, opening Russian language and pre-university training centres, supplementary education centres, etc. A special feature of the Centre for Open Education will be the focus on expanding the use of Russian as a language of intercultural communication in the professional field related to biotechnology, processing industry and food safety, as well as modern digital educational technologies.

In the programme of the Centre for Open Education, teachers of BIOTECH University will conduct face-to-face training for South African citizens on the following courses:

  • Business communication in the professional sphere
  •  Fundamentals of intercultural interaction
  • Fundamentals of food safety management system
  • Development of managerial competences
  • Digital technologies in professional activity
  • Through art to the Russian soul
  • Traditions of Russian hospitality
  • The magic of colour and flavour in food production
  • Challenges and opportunities of traditional culture in the era of digitalisation: transformation of management, society and the individual

In addition to the training, the students will be provided with the necessary educational literature, and will receive certificates upon completion of the course.

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