The Reach Group, a specialist provider of communications infrastructure management solutions to landlords, property managers and telecoms providers throughout South Africa, has acquired 100% of Jasco Property Solutions. This acquisition will enable the Reach Group to broaden their services offering platform and deliver more value to customers through the new consolidated Reach Property Solutions business.

The Reach Group are experts in both the real estate and telecommunications management industries and have a proven track record in property leasing and professional infrastructure lease management services.

The augmented offering enabled by the acquisition now allows Reach Property Solutions to compressively offer a fully managed and bespoke service that simplifies this process for landlord and telco clients that adds significant value to each.

“Rooftops and other outdoor areas of buildings can be a source of significant additional non-gross lettable area (GLA) income for building owners and property managers. However, managing this process and engaging with the various telecommunication, mobile network operators and wireless infrastructure provider tenants can be rather challenging. Reach Property Solutions take on these leases and manages the sub-letting to all telcos, so in essence, the landlord clients simply receive their monthly rental every month without any of the administrative and management headaches,” says the group’s Managing Director Mark Swemmer.

The new business will continue to be run by Swemmer and his team, including Technical Director Peter Mohurutsi, who also manages the tower ownership and co-location business within the Reach Group.

“We look forward to leveraging growth and create an organisation even better able to serve customers as Reach Property Solutions. Our specialised team will continue to harness our vast technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit and add value that takes our clients’ business beyond limits and turns solutions into opportunities,” Swemmer concludes.


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