Telkom Mobile Is Introducing Global Roaming For Prepaid and Top-Up Customers

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Telkom Mobile is introducing full international roaming services to its prepaid and top-up customers. Previously, these customers could only use SMS roaming.

International mobile roaming is a service that allows mobile users to continue to use their
mobile phone or other mobile devices to make and receive voice calls and text messages,
browse the internet, and send and receive emails, while visiting another country.

Roaming extends the coverage of the home operator’s retail voice and SMS services, allowing the mobile user to continue using their home operator phone number and data services within another country.

The seamless extension of coverage is enabled by a wholesale roaming agreement between a mobile user’s home operator and the visited mobile operator network. The roaming
agreement addresses the technical and commercial component required to enable the service.

Telkom said its full roaming includes access to voice, SMS and data services

Telkom added that customers are now able to activate international roaming through its self-service platforms, either via the website on the self-service portal or on the USSD *180#.  Android device users can also use the Telkom app to activate the service.

“This is a good opportunity for Telkom that will enable us to provide roaming services to previously excluded customers, resulting in an improvement in our overall customer experience,” explained Andrew Dawson – Executive Product Portfolio Management at Telkom.

“We will launch in two phases, by first opening up roaming to the countries and network operators listed below and as a second phase, we will target all neighbouring countries within the SADC region.

“COVID-19 has impacted almost all businesses across the globe – and our business is no exception; we have certainly seen a significant decline in our roaming traffic and revenues, understandably. However, we are ready to expand our service offering in new markets and territories,” said Dawson.

“Telkom has a prepaid customer base exceeding 12 million where we can add real value and the rates will essentially be similar to post-paid rates. As such, we are thrilled to introduce this proposition to our prepaid customers. We have all the tools in place to succeed, including global supplier competencies, IT services and network support.”


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