Mobile Sports Betting Guide – Getting Started

Betting can be extremely addictive as top betting sites will tell you.

Sports Betting

Sports betting continues to grow by the day, thanks to a huge chunk of betting platforms and opportunities presented through multiple sporting events. Much of this growth is down to the rise of mobile technology, where the number of people using mobile devices to bet has outgrown those betting via their laptops and computers. Bookmakers are already aware of the potential in mobile sports betting and are doing a lot to ensure they capture more audience.

For example, the Betway app is specially designed for mobile users for an improved experience.

But how do you get started on mobile sports betting, and what are the most important
considerations you should make?

Register with a good betting site

You are more likely to come across hundreds of betting sites online, but in truth, they do not stand for all the things they claim in their portfolios. As a beginner, it is easy to be lured by incredible joining bonuses and similar marketing stints, but there is more to consider. Ensure that you check out website reviews from users before registering. Consider sites with open payment and withdrawal options, a huge variety of markets, well-paying odds, and above all, reliability throughout your betting experience.

Most betting sites provide downloadable mobile apps for their users. These apps present more straightforward betting opportunities for users.

Pick your sport – or two

You are free to bet across tens of sports disciplines like soccer, rugby, basketball, boxing,
cricket, tennis, and even eSports. However, you’ll be better off sticking only to a few sports that you can understand better. Betway offers plenty of sporting events throughout the day; therefore, why not go for the games you feel more confident with. To increase your chances of winning, specialize in a particular sport and embark on learning the basics and tricks for getting around.

Understand what odds are

You might not realize what odds represent unless you are deep in it. As a beginner, learn how to interpret odds given by your chosen bookmaker. Your in-depth understanding of a sport might give you a better perspective of the presented odds, but you should not lean on what you get.

There are always more profitable markets with appealing odds for you, but you can only crack them if you know what they represent, plus the likelihood of chosen outcomes happening.

Do a lot of research

Regardless of the sport or sports, you settle for, try to keep yourself as updated as possible. For example, if you choose to bet on soccer, conduct extensive research of the teams involved. Look at factors like head-to-head, club history, venues, player profiles, and competitions. While there are no guarantees in betting, learning a few things about different teams gives you an advantage before placing your bets.

Compare notes

There are several betting tipsters online, but while they will not guarantee correct predictions, it helps to compare what you have with what they claim. Please resist the urge to rely on their predictions and trust your predictions. Most importantly, never pay for fixed matches; they do not exist.

Bonus tip

Be wise, bet responsibly

Betting can be extremely addictive as top betting sites will tell you. Betway advocates for responsible betting at all time and that means, among others, keeping within a budget whenever betting.


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