Eskom Reduces Load-Shedding To Stage 3, More Units Return To Service

Load shedding.jarl-schmidt-8qgFNfC2oAI-unsplash

Eskom on Thursday afternoon announced that it was lowering load-shedding to Stage 3, “due to some recovery in generation capacity over the past 24 hours”.

“Load-shedding will be reduced to Stage 3 from 21:00 hours tonight until 08:00 on Friday,” said Eskom.

The power utility said thereafter Stage 2 will be implemented until 05:00 on Monday.

“The emergency generation reserves have sufficiently improved to permit a reduction in the Stage of load-shedding.”

However, the power utility appealed “to all South Africans to continue helping us limit the impact of load-shedding by reducing the usage of electricity and to switch off all non-essential items”.

Eskom said two other units were expected to return to service today.

Another five generation units are expected back in service by Monday afternoon.

Eskom said it would like to apologise for the implementation of load-shedding and will continuously review the situation and act appropriately as circumstances change.

The power utility had implemented Stage 4 load-shedding on Wednesday.


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