#PleaseCallMeMovement Puts Pressure On Vodacom To Pay Nkosana Makate


The Please Call Me Movement, which wants Vodacom to pay the Please Call Me Inventor, continues to put pressure on the Vodafone-owned company to pay what is due to Nkosana Makate.

Makate developed the “Please Call Me” product in November 2000.

The activists descended on the Vodacom headquarters in Midrand, Johannesburg on Wednesday. They were protesting and blocked the entrance of the Vodacom headquarters.

The group continues to demand that Vodacom pays Makate.

TechFinancials was also informed that the #PleaseCallMeMovement delegates met with the Vodacom legal team, excluding its chief officer of Legal and Regulatory, Snakes Nyoka.

“We can confirm that about 20 people staged a protest on the Vodacom campus yesterday and that a meeting took place between protesters and Vodacom representatives,” a Vodacom spokesperson said in an email response.

Nkosana Makate, the inventor of Vodacom’s Please Call Me service
Nkosana Makate, the inventor of Vodacom’s Please Call Me service

In 2016, the Constitutional Court ruled that Vodacom must pay Makate as the inventor of the “Please Call Me” service, and that if negotiations failed, Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub must determine a “reasonable amount”, MoneyWeb reported at the time.

“Mr Makate has publicly rejected the Vodacom Group CEO’s determination on the quantum of compensation payable to him and he has declared that he will subject this determination to judicial review,” added the Vodacom spokesperson.

Vodacom said it is confident that it has acted ethically and complied in full with the Order of the Constitutional Court.

The battle has been drawn for more than 10 years and the settlement negotiations have still not yielded any positive results.

Shammeel Joosub, Vodacom CEO
Shammeel Joosub, Vodacom CEO. Image source: Future CEOs

Meanwhile, a group which funded Makate’s initial legal case against Vodacom is planning to launch an application to remove the arbitrator who is overseeing an important aspect of the case, according to the Sunday Times.

The group is known as Raining Men Trade.

The report states that the arbitration – which was set for June – will deal with Makate’s agreement with the group.

“We’re looking at long-haul litigation still. It will be long before we get to the arbitration,” said a Raining Men Trade representative.

There is a 2016 court order which states the funders are “entitled to half of Makate’s award”, the group told Sunday Times.

Advocate Andrew Mabena is the arbitrator in the matter of whether Makate’s “financiers” are entitled to a share of his Vodacom payout.

“There is nothing that can be offered to them,” said Makate, adding that there is no talk of settling with his funders.

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