This is after Cell C yesterday issued striking workers with a final written warnings.

The company in a letter to workers [seen by TechFinancials] said the final warning will be valid for a period of 12 months. The final written warning is effective from 9 May.

Workers at Cell C downed tools on Monday amid demands for the company to pay the 2017/18 bonuses.

Last August, Cell C workers were initially informed that they will not be paid any bonuses because the mobile phone operator had not met its EBITDA 2017 targets. But workers discovered that the company had paid three executives – led by Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos – a staggering R219 million.

Under pressure, the company relented and promised to pay ordinary workers bonuses.

However, it has failed to do so.

Yesterday, Cell C gave workers -suspended employees – on strike an ultimatum.

”You are informed that in the event that you were suspended, your suspension is now uplifted and you and all employees are to return to work by 08h00 on Thursday, 9 May 2019,” Cell C said in a letter sent to employees.

”If you do not do so and/or if you participate in the strike (that has been interdicted by the Labour Court as being an unlawful (unprotected) strike) rather than returning to work, you will not only be in contempt of court but will also face further discipline and could be dismissed.

”You are also informed that the principle of no work no pay will apply.”


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