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Sometimes companies or organisations try to avoid 360 degree evaluation process because they are really complex but they must not because it is actually a very powerful tool through which the employees can improve their performance levels.

Now why, it is beneficial for a company to go for a 360 degree evaluation feedback? What exactly are the benefits that an organisation should take the pain and run this evaluation process at least once a year? Well, here are a few things that one can get from doing it.

It opens the channels for Communication

When a company adopts a 360 degree feedback program, then it actually allows all the employees present in the company to get/ give expert comment on each other’s working methods and procedures. This actually opens a kind of environment which is full of communications and the problems that are addressed can be resolved quickly and openly. So, the companies and the organisations which can communicate effectively are always likely to retain better employees in their office.

Better Feedback from multiple sources

One can receive proper feedback from every supervisors, peers and subordinate as well and it is very beneficial for each and every employee to then getting reviews and feedback from a single individual. Here, the employees can receive feedbacks more frequently and it is just beneficial as the feedbacks that are received from the supervisors.

It improves Team Development and Communication

After getting the 360 degree feedback from each other, the team members of a certain organisation actually gets a sense of accountability and here the tram communication becomes the most important thing. Having an honest opinion about each other can stop having any kind of negative impact on employee morale.

Career Development

A proper 360 degree appraisal also provides each and every employee to value the feedback that they get. It will help them to grow further in their career and they are also given multiple opportunities to learn where they are doing well and on what aspects they need to improve.

Clarifies Behaviours

When one is doing a job and they are in the position of leadership then there are certain behavioural aspects that they need to maintain. A standard behavioural pattern has to be maintained by each and every employee of any organisation in that position. A 360 degree feedback can help them to learn how one should behave and how to co-operate with a team. Leading a team and inspiring them to work is not something easy and one needs to maintain that on a regular basis. Getting things done in the given frame of time is also important. So, what is the better way to do that without facing any big hassle and hurdle from the team itself? Also, the outcomes have to benefit from the work they have done. So, getting the desired outcome is only possible when the entire team works together under the leader. So knowing how to manage a team is what honest feedback helps on.

Promotes Dialogue

When one wants some sort of improvement, then dialogue is the first step to it. Clarified behaviour, self-awareness and processed whole feedback can combine all together to create an opportunity for proper dialogue. When there is a proper dialogue then only the strengths and weaknesses of each and every employee are discussed in open and a clear dialogue can help one to improve their working procedures along with some goals and proper plans. Also, one should remember that an appropriate dialogue should drive an employee. Otherwise, it is of no use.

Improve working relationships

Reciprocity is a very vital behaviour when it comes to relationships. Even, if it is a professional one. A 360 degree performance review is never one-sided because they never come only from team heads ad superiors of the organisations. They come from each and everyone working in the same organisation and even from the clients and customers as well who deal with the employees. So, having reciprocal support can always help in improving working relationships.

A proper 360 degree feedback is a very powerful tool which can help the leaders of an organisation to align themselves with the required competence that is needed for success. This feedback keeps everyone in the mode of an authentic team playing, continuous learning and also some personal awareness. They always find a way to improve their productivity through this. As a result, there are a lot of improvements in which how they interact with other people and also increase morale and productivity.

Finding the Right Tool

This is very much important when one is trying to use this feedback process. This is because; 360 degree feedback software requires minimal technical skills. The project organisers can easily set up the survey in the desktop or a laptop of an employee and the responders can respond with the help of internet connections. But just like any other working tools, they have to be implemented by proper and trained professionals. After all the replies have been submitted, the organisers can easily take the print out of a detailed report and it means that the survey can lead to final reports. The users here mostly appreciate some customised questionnaires which can lead to good team conversations.

One should know that a 360 degree feedback is basically for the benefit of the employee because they are needed to be reviewed. But they must not take the place of regular feedbacks and reviews. A proper 360 degree appraisal is not the way to measure the performance objectives of an individual and it is not at all the way to determine if one is meeting the job requirements or not. They are also not focused on job-specific skills and basic technical jobs.

But when a 360 degree performance review is implemented properly then it gives the company a very refreshing lift and it contributes a lot to the productivity by increasing the competitive advantage of the company.


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