Telkom May Big Deal – 10GB Data On The Go

Telkom May data

Telkom has announced its May Big Deal.

The Telkom Data On the Go package is a network only data plan which can be subscribed to on a 24-month contract with a device.

The service is also available as a Hybrid or TopUp Data plan. The deal is valid from 1st May till 31st May 2019

The package offers users:

  • 10GB Telkom LTE Data
  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi Data (10GB FUP)
  • Huawei LTE MiFi Router
  • Price  at R99 a month for 24 months

Telkom said standard out of bundle data rate of R0.30 per MB shall apply.

Unused inclusive data on Telkom Data On the Go plans shall be rolled over to the end of the next calendar month. Rolled over Data will be depleted first before the newly allotted inclusive data is used.

The inclusive data on the Telkom Data On the Go plans will have a validity period of two calendar months.


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