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How to buy MTN Zakhele Futhi shares?

We have received several queries from readers on how to buy MTN Zakhele Futhi shares. We have generated from MTN Zakhele Futhi’s prospectus a quick overview highlighting how to apply for the shares. For those looking for a professional advice, visit  Inkunzi Wealth Group website. By Gugu Lourie

Who can apply?

  • Black (African, Coloured, and Indian) South Africa citizens by birth or descent or who are citizens through naturalisation before 27 April 1994 or after that date, but who would have qualified for naturalisation before that date.
  • Black groups: Black Companies and Black Entities (Black people own at least 51% of the equity, exercise at least 51% of the voting rights, and participate in at least 51% of the economic interests therein).

When can you apply?

  • You can start buying the MTN Zakhele Futhi shares on 12 September 2016
  • The last day to buy the MTN Zakhele Futhi shares is on 21 October 2016.
  • Once the MTN Zakhele Futhi offer closes on 21 October 2016, the share allocation process will start, which can take up to 60 days to complete.

How much will it cost you to buy a MTN Zakhele Futhi share?

  • 1 MTN Zakhele Futhi share is equal to R20
  • Cash applicant must apply for at least 100 shares or spend R2000

How do you apply for the shares?


Need a hand with your application for MTN Zakhele Futhi shares?


How do you pay for the shares?

You can pay by cash or EFT.

Whatever amount you deposit in the bank account prior to 16:00 on 21 October 2016 will be used to apply for as many MTN Zakhele Futhi shares up to that amount (in multiples of R100), but only payments received before the dates below will be accepted.

Re-investment Applicants will not need to make a cash payment and the value of the scheme consideration due to you for the MTN Zakhele shares you elect to re-invest will be used to apply for as many MTN Zakhele Futhi Shares up to that amount.

You can however increase the shares applied for by depositing additional cash under the same terms as Cash Applicants


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