Online Sports Betting in South Africa

An online platform acts as a window to explore the untapped sporting events which otherwise seemed a far-fetched reality.

Online Sports Betting.
Online Sports Betting. REDPIXEL.PL /

Africa boasts of inhabiting a majority of sports lovers but at the same time the largest number of unemployed population, with 40% of people living on less than $1.90 a day. This is when an emerging digital betting market comes into play. South Africa leads the table in this genre with a whopping contribution of $37 billion alone to the gambling industry. And if you are into online betting with Betway, you sure are in luck. Major players like Betway are already in the South African market, and we will take a look at why.


Gradual leniency and legalization of gambling by the government, online betting has seen the rising sun in its prospects of expansion and popularity. Although The Gambling Act of 1965 banned betting on any form of sports except horse riding, nearly 2000 casinos illegally came into being in several parts of the country.

After several reforms and government changing hands, it has been allowed to bet on horse riding, rugby, and football, online. This has come as a major relief to the native population and eased access to monetary gains.

Licensed Online Sports Betting Sites

As the online betting industry grows by the hour, the need for stringent policies and licensing becomes even more important to protect the user’s interests. Any individual willing to get into this field must do so only through licensed websites regulated by one of the nine bodies authorized for licensing online sports betting websites.

The Top Online Betting Sites in South Africa Today

A few online sports betting websites providing true value for money are listed below.

  1. World Sports Betting: One of the leading bookmakers of the country, it has managed to attract wagers through lucrative policies of earning referral points and using them to bet further or en-cashing it and a virtual customer support available round the clock for any assistance required.
  1. Betway South Africa: This native website is extremely popular among its population. Applying strategies well-known to affect consumer behavior are the USP of this platform. Betway releases weekly offers, discounts and welcomes users ranging from low risk takers to highest wagers by offering non-monetary gains as great as free tickets to the most famous Premiere League matches.
  1. Sportingbet South Africa: Among the first market players in this profession, Sportingbet South Africa has managed to create a niche for itself and retain its position with the ever-rising competition. Their policy involves crediting an introductory welcome amount into the user’s account which can be availed while making a bet or en-cashed if required.

Benefits of Online Betting in South Africa:

This trade has boosted the local economy, led to the generation of alternate means of earning of the public and added to the country’s tax revenue. Online sports betting has provided a means to channelize the sports-crazy youth yielding profitable monitory outcomes.  An online platform acts as a window to explore the untapped sporting events which otherwise seemed a far-fetched reality.


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