SA’s Software Startup CloudOne Secures R34 Million To Scale Up has developed an advanced cloud-based Point of Sale solution called TallOrder for SME businesses across the hospitality, retail and service segments.

Startup. / Shutterstock
Startup. / Shutterstock

Cape Town-based software startup CloudOne Technologies announced on Thursday that it has closed two funding rounds totalling R34 million.

The startup is trading as

The company said investors include Investec Private Capital, through its Emerging Companies mandate. added that the investment will be used to help scale out and grow the business more aggressively. was founded in October 2014 with the mission of re-inventing the Point Of Sale (POS) experience.

Founder and CEO Dana Buys has successfully started and sold a number of software businesses since launching his first business while studying at the University of Cape Town in the early 1980s.

Founder and CEO Dana Buy
Founder and CEO Dana Buy

Subsequently, a hospitality business owner, among other interests, Buys became frustrated with poor levels of technology, particularly related to POS.

He is passionate about customer service and wanted a solution that would improve the speed and accuracy of serving customers.

“Speed and accuracy deliver a win-win for both business and its customers,” he says.

“Happy customers spend more and spread the good news via word of mouth. Accurate orders reduce costly mistakes and improve profitability. It’s hard to beat if you can make the solution easy-to-use and affordable to own!”

He continues, “There is massive opportunity to deploy affordable Cloud and mobile technology in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Cloud solutions model allows us to eliminate many of the headaches experienced by SME businesses which often lack strong IT skills. We develop the solution, keep the systems up to date, manage the databases and integration to external solutions, perform regular backups, and enforce security.” has developed an advanced cloud-based Point of Sale solution called TallOrder for SME businesses across the hospitality, retail and service segments.

TallOrder delivers Cloud benefits, along with a robust offline capacity to deal with the relatively slow, less reliable and costlier Internet prevalent throughout emerging markets.

Buys explain that similar solutions developed in the United States and Europe assume an always-on, fast and low-cost Internet which is not yet the case in Africa and other developing markets. says TallOrder is easy to deploy, easy to learn to run and operates on Microsoft Windows, Apple’s iOS, and Android devices. It is designed for traditional point of sale stations, tablets and even smartphone-sized devices. The system supports mobile use, which boosts the speed and accuracy of customer service.

“TallOrder replaces expensive upfront license and installation fees with low monthly or annual fees, based on the number of devices in use. This opens the market to many businesses which previously could not afford nor cope with the older technology” says Anna Groenewald, COO and co-founder at


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