This SA Startup Is Launching A Social Media Driven Crowdfunding Platform

"FundrBee will not be implemented on existing social media. Rather we will create our own social media platform intrinsic in our app. Users will however still have the possibility to share on other social media avenues."

Fundrbee logo
Fundrbee logo

FundrBee, a new social media-driven crowdfunding platform, is set to transform the crowdfunding space to give more entrepreneurs opportunities in life and eliminate the excuse of financial limitations.

The startup is aiming to create a platform to help others make their dreams come true.
To make this a reality, FundrBee is aiming to raise more than half a million rand through Indiegogo, an international crowdfunding website. To support FundrBee click here.

FundrBee will use the cash raised through the crowdfunding campaign to create a community of individuals all moving towards this ideal. Helping and supporting each other along the way.

FundrBee is crowdfunding with a twist as it is leveraged with its own intrinsic social media platform.

This is social driven crowdfunding.

Founded by Eugene Scheepers and Ebard Joubert, both ex-engineering students at Stellenbosch University, FundrBee aim to bridge the gap between ambitions and limitations – all on one platform.

Eugene Scheepers
Eugene Scheepers, co-founder of Fundrbee

Asked what is FundrBee trying to solve, Scheepers said:

“We realized that the financial scale is very skew all over the world, but even more in South Africa. People have many dreams, ideas and ambitions, but without financial backing, most of it will never come to fruition.

“There are many people who have the desire for proper education, proper healthcare, the opportunity to excel in talent or having a bicycle to reach work. The heart of FundrBee is to give more people opportunities in life and eliminate the excuse of financial limitations.”

He added that many people want to help others, but do not know how it is too much effort or there is no accountability as to where funds are applied. “FundrBee wants to address these issues.”

Importantly, FundrBee aims to bring communities together to help provide opportunities for other people. With the power of community and exposure possible with social networks between individuals, any person can benefit from this platform. It also wants to give everyone an opportunity to be part of another person’s success, no matter how small your contribution.

Is FundrBee relevant to the market and sustainable?

“We think that if anyone spends a moment and looks around them that they will realize FundrBee is relevant,” Scheepers explains.

“We live in a society where you can have one person sipping on a hazelnut latte in a upmarket cafe and a few kilometers further you have another person who is struggling to feed their family. Even after this problem is solved FundrBee will stay relevant as the economy grows.”

Ebard Joubert
Ebard Joubert, co-founder of Fundrbee

Social media is very tricky, one wonders whether FundrBee will gain traction with social media users?

“It is important to differentiate here,” Joubert explains.

“FundrBee will not be implemented on existing social media. Rather we will create our own social media platform intrinsic in our app. Users will however still have the possibility to share on other social media avenues.”

FundrBee leverages the potential of social networks.

“An individual will be more likely to fund a campaign if one of their friends have already done so and people can stand together to help someone succeed in their community,” Joubert said.

“We trust each other’s opinions and we want to become part of a greater cause.”

Joubert added that FundrBee also has the function to become a promoter for campaigns which enhances trustworthiness and groups campaigns together. For example, a school can be the promoter of campaigns launched by their students to finance a sports-tour.

This will also help backers to find causes related to a specific institution they would like to support.

AskHow will this platform be a success?

“In South Africa, none of the crowdfunding platforms have a mobile app yet,” Scheepers said.

“FundrBee is also a more personal platform that wants to make use of existing communities between individuals. We all have dreams and ambitions and most of us will know the feeling of not being able to do something due to the lack of finances. Most of us can thus relate to this issue being addressed by FundrBee.

“We feel that we have a strong initial target market to gain users, which will be schools, churches and a lot of other communities and causes which often require financial resources for their endeavours.”

FundrBee will not scrap its idea if it doesn’t get enough capital from Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Instead, the company founders are determined to see this project through and will look at other ways, if necessary, to raise the required funds.

“We are entrepreneurs at heart and we bootstrap as far as we can”, Joubert says.
“If we do not have the cash to develop, we will then consider taking on additional investors both for mentorship and financial backing.”

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