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Practical and efficient learning is the way to reduce the gaps between the access to specialised knowledge. 


Around  4% – this is how much the average GDP growth in Africa will be in 2019 according to African Economic Outlook and it will continue at the same level if the tendency from 2017 and 2018 is maintained.

The continent is now perceived as one of the fastest developing regions of the globe and is becoming more and more attractive to foreign investors.

Electronics and high-tech are one of many sectors that are currently experiencing increased interest.

Yet, many African societies are not ready to respond to the rapidly changing needs of the current labour markets which results in deep disproportions within them.

Among many tools that can contribute to changing this economic landscape quality education appears one of the fundamental ones.

TME Education Training
TME Education Training, Uganda

Transfer Multisort Elektronik has been operating on international markets for more than 25 years.

During this time, the company not only gained much experience in fulfilling the needs of its customers in different parts of the globe but also had a chance to observe the tendencies shaping the contemporary world.

In order to respond to the problem of inequalities in access to proper educational resources, it created TME Education – a programme aiming to provide the youth from those areas with specialized equipment and know-how in order to encourage them to change the reality around them and their communities.

TME Education Ambassador
TME Education Ambassador

After having been launched in 2016, TME Education encompassed 12 countries including Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana and India by the end of 2018. It created its model cooperation based on partnership and efficient information.

The project supports schools of different levels with devices necessary to conduct classes in electronics-related matters and organizes training conducted by its ambassadors.

TME Education ambassador is a young and proactive passionate of technology that represents the project in the country of his or her residence. Such a person assists TME Education’s partners and carries out workshops using the programme’s self-designed educational tools.

One of them, Arduino-based TME Educational Board, proved itself an efficient solution for beginners. Its compact design, embedded peripherals and user-friendly concept made TME Education workshops more comprehensible and efficient.

Moreover, the device was not only adored by the project’s students but also received positive feedback from the Lodz University of Technology.

The experience of dozens of workshops and continuous work with this tool allowed TME Education to develop it and create TME-EDU-ARD-2. This version contains more embedded components and brings even more programming opportunities. Also, in response to high interest in the previous product, this tool will be also available for sales as an educational product.

TME Educational Board
TME Educational Board

Apart from programming solutions like Arduino based TME Educational Board, the project created other educational tools to meet the needs of students of different interests and levels.

For instance, TME’s Electronics Experiment Kit was designed for the more advanced user, who would like to create their own electronic circuits.

The set contains over 300 components and enables the user to create multiple projects at the same time. Enclosed breadboard allows prototyping and several PCB board makes it possible to fix the circuit.

TME's Electronics Experiment Kit
TME’s Electronics Experiment Kit

TME Education’s philosophy of learning electronics implies that practice is the key to a proper perception of this matter.

Recently, the project has created The Practical Guide to Electronic Circuits – a coursebook that comes with a design kit that is made to help the student verify the newly acquired knowledge in real life.

Practical and efficient learning is the way to reduce the gaps between the access to specialised knowledge. TME Education first started acting in Ghana, Africa.

Now the project operates in India and is ready to support electronics enthusiast also in other regions, that share similar characteristics.

Practical and efficient learning is the way to reduce the gaps between the access to specialized knowledge.


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