Streaming Video Platforms Shape Our Way of Entertainment

Twitch is free of charge and offers a wide variety of games, related talk shows and music.

Photo by Pxhere / Public Domain CC0
Photo by Pxhere / Public Domain CC0

Without a doubt, we live in an ever-increasing paced life, and the entertainment industry has developed accordingly to reflect these trends.

Do you remember those days when you had to go to the store and buy a new shiny DVD? Do you recall that feeling of waiting impatiently for a week to see the next episode of your favourite television serial? You might remember your father waiting till the early hours of the morning to get a glimpse of his favourite football match televised in a different time zone.

All the above has changed our society enormously, with the rapid development of video streaming technologies during the mid-2000s. New platforms quickly became a massive competition to the classic aerial, cable or satellite television.

We no longer must adapt or live by the TV program. The viewers now have the power and freedom of choice 24 hours a day, comfortably from their computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles or interactive TV screens.

The audience provides an increasing and ongoing demand, and the entertainment industry makes a clear effort to satisfy their evolving needs.

So, which platforms can we choose from and on what are our preferences based?

Flexibility, commercials, monthly service fees, topics and coverage, all play a critical role when one decides which one to choose or if to cut the cable cord completely.

Here are five that deserve a closer look.


The reputation of the Netflix online streaming platform seems to gain worldwide prominence as users can choose from a massive number of programs. On offer are thousands of Hollywood, Bollywood and other foreign movies in any genre as well as documentaries, kids’ entertainment, TV shows or stand-up series.

Interestingly, Netflix invests into its original content productions, which collect critical acclaim and awards on a regular basis now. Netflix is even pleasing subscribers with buying whole seasons of evergreen hits as, for example, “Friends.”

With a subscription starting at $8.99 per month, Netflix sets the bar quite high.


Nowadays, publicly known people and celebrities alike use streaming platforms to connect with their fans. And though the American professional poker player Jason Somerville partnered up with Twitch, he took it to another level when he founded his streaming channel

Twitch is free of charge and offers a wide variety of games, related talk shows and music. The channel provides a chance for artists to contribute with their music and show it to their fellow followers.


If music is your passion, this free music streaming channel is your next stop. It is the only music-focused video platform with a broad selection of video clips, music documentaries, interviews and live concerts. Vevo provides a remarkable opportunity for new artists to get discovered.

As this is a free platform, you need to expect occasional adverts before videos from their associated partners.


Hulu offers over 60 major channels, including popular sports and news. Depending on the frequency of the commercials, the monthly fee starts from the affordable $5.99 per month. Viewers can also enjoy programming from most of the major networks, even original programs, although they need to sit through ads.

Amazon Video

Yes, you guessed right. This platform is a sister company of the online shopping giant. The choice of entertainment is extensive, especially the kids’ shows, which get lots of praise. Amazon Video also creates original content and prides themselves for awards such as the Golden Globe.

Photo by Pxhere / Public Domain CC0

Photo by Pxhere / Public Domain CC0The number of online streaming platforms continues to grow fast, and the main condition is only a reliable internet connection.

Even social media today shapes the way of our entertainment and education, too. YouTube is an excellent tool, as well as Facebook, with its live-streaming shows, giving users themselves the chance to entertain debate, discuss or inform.

The choices are endless, and viewers can watch their favourite shows in the comfort of their homes and beyond. Who would not like the freedom of choice, time and money spent?


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