Best Mobile Network Accolade Reaffirms MTN’s Commitment To Customer-Centricity


MTN has once again been recognised as the Best Mobile Network in South Africa. The latest Mobile Network Quality Report by MyBroadband has once again confirmed that MTN is the nation’s most BOZZA network performer.

“We are delighted that our customers continue to be served by the best network in the country as they deserve nothing less from us,” said Godfrey Motsa, MTN SA CEO.

“The R40 billion that we have spent in the past four years to strengthen and enhance our network has been exclusively in service of our customers who are now benefitting from coverage, quality and speeds that are best in class,” Motsa said.

Motsa added that the imminent release of the much-needed spectrum will bring about important developments within the sector.

“This will be an important year in the South African telecommunications sector, as we eagerly await the release of the 4G spectrum, by the government and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa. The release of the spectrum, in line with the President’s economic stimulus package, will help to additionally boost our network quality and delivery and will also be a significant contributor in further driving down the cost of data,” Motsa said.

Giovanni Chiarelli, MTN SA’s Chief Technology Officer, said the superb network performance is the result of a very focused, multi-year plan.

“This has been a concerted effort by MTN on the radio, transmission, IP core and mobile packet core because each of these areas has a direct impact on how our customers experience their service,” Chiarelli said.

“All our efforts are focused on how we can best connect our customers, which is why our significant investments in generators and batteries for many of our sites, proved to be vital in mitigating the impact of the recent load shedding. Our back-up power systems meant our customers stayed connected, even when they were without power at their homes or workplaces,” he said.


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