SA’s WhereIsMyTransport Secures Funding, Expands Into India, Latin America

Data for more than 30 major cities in emerging markets are now available on the WhereIsMyTransport integrated mobility data platform - an open API for mobility data and commuter services.

WhereIsMyTransport Founders: Chris King Devin de Vries Dave
WhereIsMyTransport Founders: Chris King Devin de Vries Dave (Photo Credit: WhereIsMyTransport )

South-African based tech start-up WhereIsMyTransport has announced an investment of $1.85 million (R25.6 million) from Liil Ventures and Goodwell Investments as part of its Series A funding round.

The Cape Town and London-based public transport data and technology start-up said in a statement on Thursday the investment has been secured as the company expands its digital mapping of formal and informally run public transport networks into new emerging markets.

The new emerging markets include its first data collection projects in India and Latin America, said the company.

“We are delighted to welcome Liil Ventures to our global team, alongside trusted partner Goodwell Investments. Liil is an investor experienced in our sector and a loud advocate for our market-leading technology,” said Devin de Vries, co-founder and CEO at WhereIsMyTransport.”

“Not only are we strategically aligned, but Liil also brings significant go-to-market value in the Latin American market, and a complementary portfolio including Cabify and What3Words.”

WhereIsMyTransport offers integrated data solutions for formal and informally run transport in cities across South Africa.

Inspired by their own frustration with public transport, co-founders Devin de Vries, Chris King, and Dave New set out to make information available to commuters in Cape Town. They have built both an open data platform for emerging cities and a team dedicated to changing the transport ecosystem around the world.

The firm through data collection and data connection, helps cities understand their transport, so everyone can get where they want to go.

All data is available on the WhereIsMyTransport platform – an open API for emerging cities.

Data for more than 30 major cities in emerging markets are now available on the
WhereIsMyTransport integrated mobility data platform – an open API for mobility data
and commuter services.

Crowded Dala Dala In Dar es Salaam
Crowded Dala Dala In Dar es Salaam

With the expansion into the Latin American market – facilitated by lead Series A investor Liil Ventures – the company wrapped up 2018 with its biggest data collection project to date: collecting the world’s most complete dataset for integrated formal and informal public transport in the Mexico City metropolitan area.

“WhereIsMyTransport is a promising team of Global Urban Innovators that helps governments in emerging markets to improve public transport networks and invest in better mobility services for everyone,” said Nadim Matuk Villazón, Investment Principal/Managing Team at Liil Ventures.

“We are excited to join the team and keep supporting resilience in emerging cities around the globe with reliable mobility data and technology.”

Returning investor Goodwell Investments also led an investment of  £1.2 million (R19.8 million) with Bombardier in 2017.

In 2016, Goodwell Investment was part of investors that plough £1.165 million (R22.1 million) in WhereIsMyTransport with partners including the Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm created by eBay’s founder; and Horizon Ventures.

“Poor mobility in emerging markets is a huge social issue that has been overlooked for years. WhereIsMyTransport’s data and technology has a direct and sustainable positive impact on the livelihood of hundreds of millions of excluded households in these markets,” Wim van der Beek, Founder & Managing Partner at Goodwell Investments, said.

“WhereIsMyTransport and its solutions are perfectly aligned with our investment strategy, and we are thrilled to continue to support the company and its mission for social change.”

In recognition of its achievements in Africa and further afield, WhereIsMyTransport recently received an award for Innovation and Service Transformation from the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) and an award for Outstanding Achievement in Transport Innovation from the Intelligent Transport Society.

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