The TV That Turns On The Charm

How the Samsung Frame is mesmerising us in new ways

How the Samsung Frame is mesmerising us in new ways
How the Samsung Frame is mesmerising us in new ways

On any given day, we’re glued to multiple screens all at once. We’ll have one eye on the Springboks and another on the heated reaction on Twitter.

The one screen that has remained the cornerstone of South African homes though, is the TV.

And now, the Samsung Frame has changed our idea of what a TV is meant to be. It’s not just what’s inside that counts but what it says about you.

The Frame is an elegant 4K UHD Smart TV designed in collaboration with renowned designer Yves Béhar. It transforms into a gallery-like art display, delivering premium entertainment experience combined with innovative and aesthetically-pleasing design.

“The Frame stands out as much as you want it to. Because it reflects your sense of style, it becomes an extension of who you are. As a human-centred brand we’re pleased to offer our customers that ideal balance of personalisation and cutting-edge innovation,” says Reginald Nxumalo, Director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.

The Frame can be customised to your individual style. It can take the form of a piece of art, one of your favourite pictures or even a selfie. As your style evolves and home décor changes, so can the look of your TV. It’s a truly elegant TV hidden in plain sight – transforming any living space by delivering beautiful design and content while blending into your home. When it’s on, it’s an amazing TV. And when it’s off, it’s like a work of art. The Frame comes pre-loaded with artworks from world-renowned artists.

Samsung Collection is expertly curated to provide a sensational art experience. Of course, you have your own photos and memories. These can be easily uploaded via a mobile device or USB drive. It’s all about using the space to reflect your personality and individual flair. Additionally, the Invisible Connection and No Gap Wall-Mount keeps The Frame looking tidy and minimalist. It hangs flat against your wall with no messy wires or cords.

A TV that is beautiful to look at every moment and enhances your living space that adds premium style and design; the Frame’s 4K UHD resolution boasts astounding clarity and radiance. With four times more pixels than Full HD, it’s four times more detailed for a rich, stunning viewing experience. Essentially, it’s an immersive viewing experience captured in cinematic clarity. And you can easily control all your devices with One Remote Control. Which means you can seamlessly access all your favourite entertainment and stream content to your TV from your mobile device.

Putting the smart in Smart TV, a brightness sensor and motion sensor can automatically switch The Frame’s various modes. The brightness sensor effortlessly adjusts to ambient lighting so that it truly blends into your living space. Also, in order to conserve energy, the motion sensor recognises when someone enters or exits the room and can put The Frame into a power-saving mode when no one is present. It then automatically switches The Frame back on when someone re-enters the space.

The Samsung Frame has expanded the boundaries of what a TV should be. It’s that seamless marriage of form and function and it frames your life picture perfectly.


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