Huawei To Launch Power Solution For Telcos At AfricaCom

Huawei smartphone.
Huawei smartphone. Karlis Dambrans /

Huawei will launch the PowerCube 1000 Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power solution at the upcoming 21st AfricaCom, an industry event being held in Cape Town next week.

Integrating digital, power electronic and energy storage technologies, this solution marks another breakthrough for Huawei in the telecom energy field. It can help customers achieve green smart sites and build a better connected green world.

The Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power solution addresses the high fuel OPEX of African Telco customers by reusing existing power supplies and batteries to revitalise inventory assets.

Compared with traditional hybrid power solutions in the industry, Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power allows shorter payback period (ROI from 3 years to 1.5 years) and stimulates more hybrid power modernization demands.

As the largest annual event in the ICT industry in sub-Saharan Africa, AfricaCom will take place at Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC) in South Africa on November 13 to 15. Huawei will join the event with the theme “Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent World”.

At the event, Huawei will provide scenario-based interactive experiences for 5G Power, Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power, and SmartSite solutions.

During AfricaCom, Huawei will adhere to its principle of openness and collaboration and discuss with MNOs and TowerCos and other industry partners the development of the Telecom Energy industry in the pre-5G era, including smooth evolution of energy solutions to reduce initial investment and achieve fast service rollout, management of a large number of sites to reduce the O&M cost and site energy efficiency and reliability improvement. 


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