Sigfox, The World’s Largest IoT Network Firm Is Making IoT A Reality in South Africa

This follows three national companies, Discovery, Netstar and Fidelity ADT, signing deals with SqwidNet, to deliver Sigfox’s proven IoT connectivity technology.

internet of things with smartphone on city background
internet of things with smartphone on city background (Photo Credit:

The partnership between Sigfox and Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) to create SqwidNet, a local IoT (Internet of Things) network operator, is bearing fruit in the most industrialised nation on the African continent.

The South African IoT market, which is estimated to reach in excess of $2 billion by 2020, is set to revolutionise all sectors stimulating industry growth and economic development.

Sigfox is by far the world’s largest IoT network operator and ready to tap this lucrative market.

It is present in 50 countries and on track to cover 60 by 2018.

With millions of objects connected and a rapidly growing partner ecosystem, Sigfox empowers companies to move their business model towards more digital services.

SqwidNet was launched in November 2016 in South Africa and its network currently covers over 85% of the South African population, enabling millions of physical devices to be connected to the digital world.

It is driving innovation through a nation-wide IoT network that is low-cost and low-power.

SqwidNet, which its network is powered by Sigfox, is playing a key role in driving IoT innovations across South Africa, as three major deals with it are signed.

Sigfox and SqwidNet are set to digitally transform the country’s economy by driving national adoption in IoT technology.

This follows three national companies, Discovery, Netstar, and Fidelity ADT, signing deals with SqwidNet, to deliver Sigfox’s proven IoT connectivity technology.

Sigfox believes the deals will enable innovation and accelerate IoT adoption across the country’s automotive, insurance and security sectors.

The deals are a testament to South Africa’s ambition to harness the IoT-driven Fourth Industrial Revolution.

IoT devices
IoT devices (Photo Credit:

It also builds upon SqwidNet’s track record in delivering together with its open ecosystem of partners, IoT-enabled solutions to address major challenges within South Africa.

“We are proud to get such traction in South Africa and to announce three different deals for more than 2,5 million devices. SqwidNet is doing amazing work to drive IoT adoption across South Africa, as revealed by the signing of those three major contracts,” Ludovic Le Moan, Founder and CEO at Sigfox, said.

“We are at the cusp of a technological revolution with the limitless application, and South Africa is amongst the most innovative countries harnessing the power of massive IoT.”

Global scalability, cost, and energy consumption have been the three greatest barriers to IoT mass adoption. Sigfox entered the global IoT market to break down these barriers. Rather than using existing technologies, Sigfox has taken a unique approach.

The company is rolling out the first global IoT network to listen to billions of objects broadcasting data, without the need to establish and maintain network connections.

This game-changing shift, that drastically reduces energy consumption and costs, will fuel the IoT mass-market deployment.

Phathizwe Malinga, Managing Director at SqwidNet, said the signing of these three contracts serves as an opportunity for us to cement our commitment to driving innovation through IoT in South Africa.

Real-world applications Discovery Insure

Discovery in Sandton.
Discovery in Sandton.

Through SqwidNet, Discovery Insure in partnership with Cambridge Mobile Telematics will harness Sigfox’s connectivity technology amongst some of its IoT technology and innovations.

The technology will help to enhance Discovery’s core business model.

“The opportunity Sigfox’s technology represents allows us to expand our telematics and technology offering within the insurance sector,” says Anton Ossip, CEO of Discovery Insure.

“As a data-driven business who uses this information to change behaviour and reward clients for improving their risk factors, this is an important innovation for us.”

Netstar – Vehicle tracking new connectivity

In 2017, the BMW Group aims to sell 100,000 electrified vehicles worldwide (including BMW iPerformance / PHEVs).
In 2017, the BMW Group aims to sell 100,000 electrified vehicles worldwide (including BMW iPerformance / PHEVs). (Photo Credit: BMW)

Netstar, a subsidiary of JSE-listed Altron, will also sign with SqwidNet.

Through the deal, Netstar will move beyond its traditional vehicle tracking capabilities, with new cost-effective telematics devices and other IoT-enabled solutions. Benefits will include countrywide coverage, maximize the rate of vehicle recovery and mitigate against signal jamming technology deployed by sophisticated criminals.

“To evolve our IoT solutions we realised that we needed to enhance connectivity within our suite of solutions,” says Pierre Bruwer, Managing Director at Netstar.

“With over 600,000 vehicles already in our cover, the Sigfox network is set to provide additional connectivity that will enable us to enter new markets and develop new solutions.”

Fidelity ADT – Safer alarm monitoring

Fidelity ADT chooses SqwidNet to offer Sigfox-enabled smart solutions
Fidelity ADT chooses SqwidNet to offer Sigfox-enabled smart solutions

Security firm Fidelity ADT also chose to partner with SqwidNet, to use Sigfox’s connectivity technology to improve customer experiences, drive efficiencies and expand into new markets.

SqwidNet’s Sigfox enabled network ensures reliable transmission of detailed zone alarms, compatibility with most existing alarm panels, as well as mitigate the risk of signal jamming.

“Now we have SqwidNet with a fully deployed, SLA-driven LPWAN in South Africa, we don’t see the need to play in the network space and this allows us to focus our resources on innovative solutions for our customers,” says Wahl Bartmann, CEO at Fidelity ADT.

“This is the beauty of using Sigfox’s connectivity technology – ease of integration in converting existing hardware to communicate on Sigfox and simple integration into their back-end systems to receive sensor data plus a low cost to convert.”

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