Cell C Introduces MediaPlay Contracts

MediaPlay Logo
MediaPlay Logo

Cell C announced on Wednesday the introduction of a revolutionary new, first-to-market solution known as MediaPlay.

MediaPlay empowers consumers to plan and budget for their connectivity and entertainment needs through one contract.

This transformation contract gives customers all access connectivity and entertainment in one plan, said Cell C.

MediaPlay allows customers to connect with the world and with friends and family PLUS keep up with their favourite movies, series, sports, news and music – all through one simple and affordable plan.

The MediaPlay allows customers to get access to:

  • Voice and SMS;
  • Data;
  • Subscription to the entertainment platform, black with free streaming

“MediaPlay simplifies our customers’ lives by bringing them an all in one communications and entertainment solution through great value plans, whether on mobile, high speed fixed 4G or Fibre,” says Cell C Chief Commercial Officer, Junaid Munshi.

Customers no longer have to have the hassle of paying multiple subscriptions for on-demand entertainment, home Internet and mobile connectivity. Instead, Cell C’s MediaPlay suite of products allows customers to get all of this in one simple package.

Consumers have the option to connect through one of three formats: MediaPlay Fibre, MediaPlay LTE or MediaPlay Mobile with various plans to suit their budgets.

MediaPlay Mobile Postpaid

MediaPlay 500MBMediaPlay 1GBMediaPlay  1.5GBMediaPlay 3GBMediaPlay 6GBMediaPlay 10GBMediaPlay  15GBMediaPlay 25GB
SubscriptionR 149R 229R 329R 499R 699R 999R 1 499R 1 749
Inclusive Value
Any-net Minutes (min)204560901206009001200
black packageFLEXI AccessFLEXI AccessFLEXIPremiumFLEXIPremiumFLEXIPremiumBINGE PremiumBINGE PremiumBINGE Premium
Free Streaming with inclusive black data
Daily FUP2GB/ day2GB/ day2GB/ day2GB/Day2GB/ day4GB/ day4GB/ day4GB/ day

MediaPlay Mobile TopUp

MediaPlay 500MBTopUpMediaPlay1GBTopUpMediaPlay1.5GBTopUpMediaPlay3GBTopUp
SubscriptionR 149R 229R 329R 499
Inclusive Value
Any-net Minutes (min)20456090
black packageFLEXI AccessFLEXI AccessFLEXIPremiumFLEXIPremium
Free Streaming with inclusive black data
Daily FUP2GB/ day2GB/ day2GB/ day2GB/Day

MediaPlay LTE

MediaPlay LTE 20GBMediaPlay LTE 45GBMediaPlay LTE 80GBMediaPlay LTE 175GB
SubscriptionR 239R 489R 849R 1099
Inclusive Value
black packageFLEXI AccessFLEXI AccessBINGE PremiumBINGE Premium
Free Streaming with inclusive black data
Daily FUP2GB/ day2GB/ day4GB/ day4GB/Day

MediaPlay Fibre

 MediaPlay Fibre 20MediaPlay Fibre 50MediaPlay Fibre 100
SubscriptionR 1 499R 1 799R 1 999
Inclusive Value
Data – FibreUncappedUncappedUncapped
Black packageBinge PremiumBinge PremiumBinge Premium
MediaPlay Fibre Connector SIM cards123
Any-net Minutes/SIM100010001000
Mobile Data/SIM2GB2GB2GB
Wi-Fi calling Minutes/SIM500500500

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