Telkom Is Making It Difficult To Cancel ADSL, Phone Lines

Is "Hell-Kom" back?

Telkom logo
Telkom logo (Photo Credit: CubeZoo)

Telkom is “leading in the converged ICT market through deep and credible relationships and a distinctive customer experience”, proudly declares the country’s fixed-line telephone group on its website.

Although nothing could be further from the truth, Telkom has again started to abuse its customers.

The company, which was once described as “Hell-Kom” because of its awful service to customers, seems to be slowly embracing its old bad ways.

I hope Telkom’s customer service score – which measures consumers’ satisfaction with services provided – drastically drops when the firm reports its next annual financial figures. 

This thought came to my mind as I continue to experience horrible service and not a distinctive customer experience from what looks like “Hell-Kom” of the past.

I have been unsuccessful since June 16 to cancel my landline and ADSL.

This follows Telkom’s plea with me to migrate into fibre line provided by Vumatel.

The fibre was installed on June 16 and activated on the 20th and by then I was happy with the efficiency of migrating my line. On June 16, I forwarded my cancellation for landline and ADSL services with Telkom online services and received reference numbers for the cancellation.

To my surprise on July 13, I received a surprised emailed bill, which was close to R6, 000.  I later queried this and it was reversed to R3, 100.

After realizing that my landline was still active, I contacted Telkom customer service and was politely informed by their consultant that both my ADSL and landline are still active. Again, I followed the consultant’s instruction and cancel both lines using online services.

Today I discovered to my utter disgust that the ADSL and the landline are still active on the Telkom online channel. Mind you, the same channel reflects my cancellation order.

As I was fuming about this, a MyBroadBand newsletter popped in my email with a story titled: Telkom customers are going crazy trying to cancel their lines

I then concluded that Telkom is going back to its nasty ways to deal with the consumer.

Is “Hell-Kom” back?

I quickly decided to call their customer care to see if they can help with my cancellations as I will be billed again this month for a landline and ADSL that am not using at all.

I wish didn’t make that call. After answering the call Ntombifuthi, a Telkom customer care consultant, softly and jubilantly said: “Hi, and how can I assist you, Sir?”

I politely explained my issue, but she quickly stopped me. I bet to take me out of my misery. “Sir, our systems are down and you can try to call again after 2 hours.”

I dropped the call and went to my computer still powered by Telkom’s fibre to play a song titled “Trouble” by Travis Tritt and the lyrics of the song, goes:

“Well hello T-R-O-U-B-L-E
Tell me what in the world
You doin’ A-L-O-N-E
Yeah say hey good L double O-K-I-N-G
Well I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E”

As I play this song, I hope Telkom’s boss Sipho Maseko will address this issue and while at it find ways to drastically reduce prices of fibre, LTE, and  ADSL packages. 

I believe that this will translate into consistent revenue for Telkom as customers are hungry to stream and download content on Netflix, DStv Now, Amazon Prime TV, Google, etc.


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