#GirlCoder – The Hackathon For Empowering Female Techies Is Back – Again

The #GirlCodeHack winning team will walk away with an amazing trip to the Amsterdam Women in Tech conference this November.

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Youth marketing pioneer Student Brands has strategically partnered with NPO GirlCode ZA to spread the message of nurturing female involvement in the tech space to students nationally in the run-up to the GirlCode 2018 hackathon to be hosted on 4 – 5 August.

This year’s GirlCode ZA hackathon is one of GirlCode ZA’s annual events that aims to provide a space for computer programmers, graphics and interface designers, business analysts and project managers to collaborate to build software and hardware prototypes.

The event’s primary goal is to raise awareness of female technical talent and foster a competitive, yet cooperative, and congenial culture for talented female techies.

The annual event is used to develop real-world solutions (in-app, website or other forms) and astounding prizes are up-for-grabs for participants. Judging criteria includes the solution fit to the problem identified; originality and impact, user experience & functionality and overall sustainability.

Zandile Keebine, chairwoman of GirlCode ZA speaks about the beneficial nature of events such as GirlCode hackathon.

“We want our hackathon to be more than just girls getting together over a weekend; we want the girls to feel empowered after the event. We want all of the girls participating in the Hackathon to develop some really innovative and well thought-through solutions and beyond that, showcase their skills and use this platform to kickstart their careers in tech.

Ultimately the GirlCode hackathon is a place for young [and] aspiring future technologists to build a network of like-minded people and find some mentors along the way too.”

Speaking on the involvement of Student Brands in promoting the initiative is founder and CEO Daryl Bartkunsky who mentions that “a female perspective is very important for everything we do and I think if we can introduce more of this in the coding space, from a fundamental starting point, we’d move forward a lot quicker.”

The industry has presented multiple situations where females are often only relied on when it comes to the ‘pretty stuff’. 

A very untapped market is the female coder and it gives us great pride and honour to stand behind the next generation of female coders as exemplified by such a wonderful event like this.

The hackathon is set to take place from August 4th to 5th 2018.

The #GirlCodeHack winning team will walk away with an amazing trip to the Amsterdam Women in Tech conference this November.

Join @GirlCodeZA for a weekend of networking with and learning from women! Register here: https://bit.ly/2IoAL4u


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