Battle For Customer Retention: MTN SA Promises Personalised Services

The operator is aiming to "bring the world closer with the Bozza network" to its customers through personalised MyMTNOffers service.


MTN South Africa is currently investing a further R200 million in the 3G network, to accommodate the huge spike in traffic that is being driven by the demand for WhatsApp.

The mobile phone operator has also partnered with Huawei to increase network capacity, and improve customer experience.

It has successfully commercially deployed Huawei’s CloudAIR 2.0 solution to share spectrum between 2G, 3G, 4G and NB-IoT radio technologies in the 900MHz band.

These interventions are aimed at helping MTN to increase network capacity, and improve customer experience.

MTN is competing with its rivals on increasing the quality of the networks and improving download speeds.

That said, MTN seems to be aware that the war for customers pockets is no longer about those things but which operator is able to deliver to users affordable, relevant and personalised services.

On Monday MTN revealed that in the coming months, it will increasingly offer more personalised products to meet the unique needs of its different customers through its MyMTNOffers service.

The company said these offers will be designed around the customers’ unique needs and offered directly to the customer, based on their location, usage, affordability and network capacity available.

“Specialised offers, that provide customers with only the services, volume and content that customers desire, will increasingly be the norm, rather than generic bundles and pricing, to deliver services that our customers are asking for and making their lives brighter.” says Mapula Bodibe, MTN South Africa’s executive for Consumer Business.

MTN Store (Delareyville Sellular)
MTN Store (Delareyville Sellular)
(Photo Credit: Wiki Village)

Introducing MyMTN: Tailored Prepaid Offers

“We continuously aim to better your experience by adding more value to your ever-changing lifestyle needs. Our new tailored voice and data offers are based on your usage behaviour patterns, affordability and preferences and are designed to give you more value for your money. You will now have more talk time and even more data to bring out more of the Bozza in you,” MTN said on its website.

The operator is aiming to “bring the world closer with the Bozza network” to its customers through personalised MyMTNOffers services.

This is no surprise because operators such as MTN know the customer location to deliver a certain service, they know what services a subscriber is using, their spending patterns.

In short, mobile operators have rich set of customer intelligence on which to unleash marketing offers to their current and potential customers.

This MTN‘s move could be related to the company’s plans to create an advanced analytics unit dedicated to support the business to drive network quality and high-speed data connectivity.

The company said in 2016 that the new division was part of its ‘deep and fundamental strategic review’ of its operations and processes to ensure it is operating far more optimally given the pressure on voice revenues, evolving customer needs for high quality data and more complex and competitive market environment.

“As part of the review, the following key areas will be addressed: An advanced analytics unit will be established to support the business to drive network quality and high-speed data connectivity especially in key locations with high demand, provide compelling segmented offerings to consumers and enterprises, improve customer service and increase targeted smartphone uptake,” MTN informed investors two years ago.

This is part of MTN’s vision of “leading the delivery of a bold, new Digital World to our customers”, the company said.


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