5 Things to Be Careful With When Choosing a Hosting Company

It is advisable to choose cheap shared hosting rather than free to get more reliable service

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There are plenty of offers from hosting companies available. It may be difficult for a beginner to make the right choice without making mistakes. This article will explain some of the main factors to consider.

  1. Free hosting service

If you are an amateur blogger with a personal website, you can use a free hosting service. It can cope with a small number of visitors. However, keep in mind that free hosting has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, such a website usually includes many annoying ads appearing everywhere.

What is more, don’t expect good speed and uptime. And as you don’t pay, don’t expect compensation in case of downtime or data loss.

Another drawback of free hosting services if a domain name with advertising of their company. It spoils the reputation of your resource. However, some free hosting services allow getting a normal domain.

It is advisable to choose cheap shared hosting rather than free to get more reliable service. Check out the list of shared hosting providers monitoring.

  1. Hosting plan without refund guarantee

Refund guarantee is a great advantage. It ensures that you’ll receive your money back in case you’ve chosen the wrong hosting plan. When selecting a hosting service, pay attention to it.

Reliable companies will change a hosting package with the refund if it is necessary. They are interested in providing the best service as reputation is of primary importance.

  1. Confusing a shared web hosting package with VPS

A shared web hosting and VPS are to major types of packages. Mind that the first one is suitable for small websites when VPS is for bigger websites with higher traffic. You can always switch your package to the more sophisticated one if needed. At first, shared web hosting will work well.

  1. Price-dependent choice

Price does not always reflect the quality of the service. Don’t look for the cheapest variant and also don’t choose an unreasonably expensive one hoping that it will be better than others. Find the golden mean considering all the factors.

As the hosting business is very competitive, you can often find discounts and special offers. It’s a good opportunity to use. Especially small websites can go with cheap hosting to save money.

It is worth mentioning that the cost advertised is often given for a month. This is the standard way of pricing. So, you should count how much it will be annually adding a value-added tax.

  1. Not being aware of restrictions

Don’t rely on “unlimited” and “free” offers. For example, there can be no unlimited bandwidth or storage. Limitations to them are the common practice. Study all the terms and conditions before choosing the web hosting company. These restrictions make the normal functioning of the service possible.

In addition, you should find out whether you can maintain several accounts, use analytics, install new software, and use a shopping cart on your website.

These are five major mistakes to avoid when choosing a web hosting company.


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