Tech Leaders Dominate The Glassdoor Top CEOs In 2018

Eric S. Yuan /
Eric S. Yuan /

Technology industry always has something interesting and this time it is about 26 CEOs being listed in the top 100 CEOs list of Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards 2018. The awards of this year are dominated by technology CEOs and their number is twice more than any other industry.

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The Top Leaders That Has Made it to the Glassdoor Top CEO’s List in 2018

The CEO of Zoom Video Communications, Eric S. Yuan, achieves the first place, in the Glassdoor awards. He is the highest rated CEO with the CEO approval rating of 99 percent. After him, the next four highly rated tech CEOs are Daniel Springer of DocuSign, Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn, Marc Benioff of Salesforce, and Jim Kavanaugh of World Wide Technology.

Amongst these 26 tech CEOs, only 3 have succeeded to be on the list continuously from last 6 years. They are Marc Benioff of Salesforce (having a CEO approval rating of 97%), Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (having a CEO approval rating of 96%), and Tim Cook of Apple (having a CEO approval rating of 91%).

You can gain various interesting findings from the Glassdoor awards. The whole list of all the CEOs can be accessed from the website of Glassdoor. Only those CEOs qualify who had received at least one hundred senior management ratings and one hundred CEO approval ratings between 2nd May 2017 and 1st May 2018. The basis of these awards is the anonymously submitted reviews of the companies.

Each review induces employees rating their employers on various factors, which reflect their opinion, employment experience, and their job performance sentiment as CEO. The reviews of Glassdoor provide the freedom to choose between the CEO’s approval, disapproval and no opinion.

The Top CEO’s Today: A Look

While there are many CEOs that has made it to the list, here is a list of some of them who have made to the list. There is Jeff Weiner from LinkedIn, and then there is Marc Benioff from Salesforce. There is also Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, and Satya Nadella from Microsoft.  Some of the other notables are Shantanu Narayen from Adobe, and Brian Halligan from Hubspot.  Apple’s Tim Cook has also been one of the more popular names in the list

In the United States, Glassdoor is the second most famous job site amongst professionals. This site attracts around 59 million people looking for jobs every month and it has around 40 million insights and reviews of over 770,000 companies. The average CEO approval rating at Glassdoor is 69 percent and the average rating of companies is 3.4 out of 5. There are approximately 7,000 employer clients of Glassdoor.

Who is your favourite when it comes to the CEO list and whom do you believe will make a difference this year? Let us know below!


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