Crypto Firm Golix Now In Kenya, SA, Uganda, Resumes $32 Million Token Sale

The firm also announced it has resumed its $32 million (R433 million) token sale.

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Laptop with abstract ICO interface on screen (Photo Credit:

Golix, a Pan African cryptocurrencies company that runs Zimbabwe’s only digital currencies exchange with the same name, has opened exchanges in Kenya, South Africa and Uganda.

“A significant amount of research and data helped us identify these new markets as areas with problems that Golix can immediately address. We are confident that our services will provide our commitment is driven by the promise that digital currencies have shown in solving the continent’s financial payment challenges,” said Golix’s head of growth, Panashe Tapera.

“Cryptocurrencies are an increasingly relevant feature in global finance and tech savvy governments have been warming up to the potential that they and blockchain technology hold.”

Golix customers in Kenya, South Africa and Uganda will be able to start trading on the platform using fiat currencies through banks and mobile money.

Mobile money is likely to be to facilitate more trades since it is estimated that there are 100 million active mobile financial services in Africa which transact up to $2.1 billion annually.

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The firm also announced it has resumed its $32 million (R433 million) token sale.

The proceeds of the token sale will be channelled towards financing cryptocurrencies infrastructure in Africa, to ensure that the whole continent has access to the Golix’s exchange.


The GLX token is available for purchase on the Golix token website,

Potential buyers can use their bitcoin (BTC) and/or ethereum (ETH) to buy the GLX token at $0.05612 per GLX token.

“Spreading our service to the rest of Africa, has always been our main objective. The token sale will enable Africans to enjoy the merits that come with the Blockchain technology of which in this respect it will be a whole new convenient, reliable, fast and affordable financial experience,” said Chui. Golix Lead of Special Projects, William Chui said.

“Africa like many European countries is still struggling to come up with sound cryptocurrencies policies and legal framework, however this has not slowed down people from doing peer to peer trades a gap which Golix seeks to explore as it expands its services.”



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