Telkom Reveals FreeMe Contracts For New Nokia Devices

Introducing five new Nokia phones
Introducing five new Nokia phones

The new Nokia range of devices, including the Nokia 1, the Nokia 6.1 and the Nokia 7 Plus devices, are available on Telkom FreeMe contracts from 20 June 2018, with the exception of the Nokia 7 Plus, which is only available from 20 July 2018.

“We are excited to be able to offer these incredible smartphones with our unbeatable FreeMe packages and South Africa’s best data network,” said Telkom Consumer and Small Business spokesperson Telkom’s Managing executive for Sales and Distribution, Megan Nicholas.

The devices are available in conjunction with FreeMe packages at the following prices:

Nokia 1

  • FreeMe 1GB for R149/month (includes 10GB Telkom Data for 3 Month)
  • FreeMe 2GB for R199/month
  • FreeMe 5GB for R359/month
  • FreeMe 10GB for R459/month
  • FreeMe 20GB for R659/month
  • FreeMe Unlimited for R1099/month

Nokia 6.1

  • FreeMe 1GB for R269/month (includes 10GB Telkom Data for 3 Month)
  • FreeMe 2GB for R319/month
  • FreeMe 5GB for R479/month
  • FreeMe 10GB for R579/month
  • FreeMe 20GB for R779/month
  • FreeMe Unlimited for R1199/month

Nokia 7 Plus

  • FreeMe 1GB for R369/month (includes 10GB Telkom Data for 3 Month)
  • FreeMe 2GB for R419/month
  • FreeMe 5GB for R579/month
  • FreeMe 10GB for R679/month
  • FreeMe 20GB for R879/month
  • FreeMe Unlimited for R1299/month

All prices include a free SIM card and connection. Monthly prices are only valid for a 24 month contract



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