Sony Xperia XZ2 Review: A Great Smartphone That’s Seeking to Be Noticed

This smartphone is a really good attempt by Sony to refresh its smartphone image.

Editorial credit: Nemanja Zotovic /
Editorial credit: Nemanja Zotovic /

Last week Saturday the Sony’s latest flagship smartphone peeved my son because it didn’t have the headphone jack.

Gareth, who loves gadgets, is always streaming movies on Netflix and videos on YouTube, while using his headphones.

So, when he discovered that the phone had no headphones jack he lost interest.

The Japanese smartphone maker has said that the Sony Xperia XZ2 comes with USB Type-C jack adapter. But our test device didn’t have any.

Gareth stopped using the phone.

But a few hours later, my sister arrived at our place. She had a problem with her Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

The screen was cracked.

I suggested that she swap her SIM card and use the Sony Xperia XZ2, while we took her sleek Samsung Galaxy S8 to be fixed at the Mall of the South.

She obliged.

Nemanja Zotovic /
Nemanja Zotovic /
Nemanja Zotovic /

But after few a seconds, Tilly exclaimed: “Oh lord! What is this phone?”

My son, quickly responded: “It’s an Xperia XZ2, Tilly. I don’t like it. I prefer an iPhone 8 or your Samsung S8.”

She replied: “Let me try it as I don’t have a choice.”

That aside, after a few hours Tilly started singing praises of the Xperia XZ2 as she snapped images at Mall of the South.

“It’s not a bad smartphone really,” she said in reverence. “The phone has a fast camera that comes with a great screen to snap those great memories, you can use for Instagram.”

That said, she qualified her utterances: “I still don’t love their design,” she explains.

Tilly was also not pleased with the fingerprint sensor being placed to the back of the phone. She explains: “Anyway, I don’t even like fingerprint or facial recognition sensors.”

She also hated the Xperia XZ2’s glossy back.

“I can’t really handle this phone properly. I can just drop it because of this stupid glossy back.”

She continued to use the phone and slept without any complaints.

The following week, I collected her Samsung Galaxy S8, which has a new screen fitted.

I asked her: Would you prefer to use the new Xperia XZ2 or the Samsung Galaxy S8?

She responded: “My brother I will buy the XZ2 if the price wasn’t so steep. A cool R14, 000 is what you have to pay for this phone. I was online checking the price of it while I was worried that my fine-looking Samsung Galaxy S8 wouldn’t be fixed. I was considering it as an option to buy. But the phone is too expensive. I rather keep my Samsung.”

I then took the smartphone from Tilly and started playing with it.

junior_cinematic /
junior_cinematic /

My conclusion: It is a great phone.

But it can only compete with OnePlus, Huawei Honor and cannot be compared with iPhone X, Huawei P20 or even the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S8.

That said, the Xperia XZ2 comes with a 19MP camera with memory-stacked image sensor, which is capable of producing incredibly lifelike photos and videos.

This phone is also capable of recording dramatic slow motion in full high-definition.

It also has a 3D Creator on the front and main cameras, so now you can scan yourself or your surroundings and print it or share it in 3D on social media.

Mobile phones have been vibrating since the mid-nineties, but until Xperia XZ2 came along, they did little more than discreetly let you know when you had a text or a call coming in.

But Sony’s latest smartphone comes with one particular feature that sets it apart from the crowd:  Dynamic Vibration System. It is designed to add an extra dimension of tactile feedback to videos and games by vibrating in sync with what’s happening on-screen. It uses a vibration module that’s nearly three times larger than the one you’d find in most phones.

If you can overlook the body design, headphone jack, and the steep price, this Xperia XZ2 is a great phone to buy. It offers great features.

This smartphone is a really good attempt by Sony to refresh its smartphone image.

Go buy it if you are a fan of Sony and you shall not be disappointed.


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