SA’s Law Firm Webber Wentzel Adopts Artificial Intelligence Technology

Luminance provides an immediate and global overview of any body of legal documents, identifying patterns and pinpointing warning signs without the need for instruction.


South African law firm Webber Wentzel announced on Monday it has adopted Luminance’s artificial intelligence technology to enhance its due diligence processes for M&A transactions.

Luminance is an artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession.  Its AI technology offers a faster and more comprehensive way of conducting due diligence.

Luminance AI platform adds value to a legal team, freeing lawyers to focus on what matters.

Lawyers can get an instant understanding of the scope of a project before document review even begins, helping them to prioritise and focus their review.

The platform is designed to be entirely plug and play, with no set-up or training of the system required to get insight into any project.

It uses advanced machine learning techniques from the University of Cambridge to automatically sort, cluster and classify a data room, pinpointing even subtle differences between contracts so that hidden risks can be uncovered early on in a transaction.

“Webber Wentzel has been using a number of innovative technology solutions to continuously improve efficiencies and add value when we deliver our legal services to our clients.  Machine learning technology is the next step in our journey, focusing on enhancing the management and review of increasingly large volumes of documents,” says Celia Pienaar, legal project manager who oversees alternative resourcing at Webber Wentzel’s Legal Services Centre.

“Luminance’s advanced machine learning streamlines due diligence and similar high volume processes.  Its unique Visualise dashboard provides an immediate, holistic understanding of the data room content.  We’re excited to deploy Luminance across the firm and work with our clients to further enhance the top-tier service they have come to expect of our brand.”

Webber Wentzel recently dominated the 17th Annual Dealmakers Awards, winning M&A, Africa as well as BEE Legal Adviser of the Year 2017 by deal value.

“Webber Wentzel understands the importance of innovation in the legal sector, and we are thrilled to welcome them as the first South African law firm to adopt our language agnostic technology,” says Emily Foges, CEO of Luminance.

“Luminance provides legal teams with an instant, unparalleled insight into the data room, and we’re delighted that our platform will assist Webber Wentzel’s lawyers on many of South Africa’s largest and most complex transactions.”


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