How to Join the YES Youth Network Launched by President Ramaphosa?

Six million young people out of work is a crisis for South Africa; our future workforce is not being educated, trained or employed. Compounding this, the longer people are out of work, the harder it is for them to re-enter the workforce.

YES Needs You
YES Needs You

We have received several queries from readers on how to join the Youth Employment Service (YES) network launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday.

We have generated from YES 4 Youth website a quick step by step on how to participate in YES network.

Who can apply?

Youth Candidates

  • Between 18 and 34 years old
  • Must be unemployed for more than 6 months
  • Are black people (African, Coloured or Indian)
  • It is not obligatory but should companies want to claim the Employment Tax Incentive, then the YES youth must be between the ages of 18 and 29

YES is one of the first social compacts between government, business and labour created to give one million youth one million opportunities to succeed, while securing South Africa’s economic prosperity.

YES Needs You
YES Needs You

Over the next three years, YES – led and supported by the private sector – will incentivise businesses to employ young people, giving them a chance at a life-changing first work experience. With a unique collaboration between government, labour, civil society and the youth, this represents a benchmark in fresh, bold responses to our country’s unemployment crisis.

How to Join the YES Network?

To become a YES Youth Candidate, you have to complete an online application form to add your details to the Yes Youth Resources Database.

Take the first step and join the network by registering your details HERE.

Please note that by submitting your information does not guarantee employment.

YES Needs You
YES Needs You

How can companies get involved in the YES Network?

Businesses need to create new one-year positions for unemployed youth over and above current employment numbers. Contribute to the YES movement by employing a number of young people – or even just one person to mentor and develop into a contributing member of society.

If your company doesn’t have the capacity to host young people, you can still be part of YES. This channel gives large companies the chance to sponsor the salary for a one-year starter position at an SMME which lies closer to where the young person lives – allowing the larger company to qualify for B-BBEE recognition, while building SMME capacity and competitiveness.

To get involved in the YES Movement, businesses have to complete an online form.

Join the YES Movement by clicking HERE.

How much will the youth earn?

The salary is expected to be set at the national minimum wage (NMW) level of R3 500 per month, and includes associated training and support which on average will bring the cost to R55 000 per annum.

The Problem YES Tackles

In the words of President Cyril Ramaphosa, “Our most grave and most pressing challenge is youth unemployment. It is therefore a matter of great urgency that we draw young people in far greater numbers into productive economic activity.”

YES Needs You
YES Needs You

With YES, you won’t simply be giving a young South African a job for a year – you’ll be uplifting them to take that first step towards a successful, lifelong career. Just one year of work experience, coupled with a CV and employment letter, increases their chance of future work threefold and assists them in being able to springboard out of being victims and into an empowered future.



  1. Ii am definitely looking for a job anywhere around South Africa. i complete my degree 2011 December,
    till now I am unemployed.

  2. I completed my degree in Office management and technology in 2012, i am unemployed looking for a job

  3. Buildyobiz have an entrepreneur development program which can help youth create jobs and become employers . check them on twitter and facebook @buildyobiz & @buildyobisa

  4. Really looking for a job to help me with my in service training in order to obtain my national diploma in public management

  5. Duduzile Ngwenya

    I am definitely looking for a job anywhere around Johannesburg. i complete my Diploma in HR December 2012, And done my 1 year 18 months intern in 2016.

  6. Comment:am kgaogelo makola who just completed his matric and seeking for a job.Am proud to say I’ll really love to join the YES program

  7. I am definitely looking for job any where in Johannesburg.I have office Assistant certificate,I’m 23years old please help

  8. Good day I completed my diploma in office management and technology and I hav been looking for a job since then I live in Pretoria

  9. good day my name is Nthabiseng Lesale im 25 years old im looking for job around Benoni and johnesburg. I have grade 12 and certificate in marketing N6.

    thank you

  10. Good day my name is Lovejoy Phoko, I’m 30years old and I’m unemployed. I have HR certificate, Call centre certificate and educare level 5. I need a job. Please contact me @ 0834365858

  11. hi my name is audrey im 29 years old and im unemployed.i have certificate in public management(N4-6), Health care certificate and generic management certificate(NQF4)Please i realy need this kind of opportunity. thank you

    please contact me

  12. Good day my name is Puleng Lorraine Molokwe, I’m 29 years old and unemployed. I have NQF LEVL 4 in Office Administration and currently study Management Assistant N4

  13. Good day my name is Puleng I’m 29 years old and unemployed I have NQF LEVEL 4 in Office Administration and currently study Management assistant N4. I’m looking for opportunities in North West, Northern Cape and Gauteng Provinces

  14. Comment:Good day my name is Mamosebetsi Lettie Banza unemployed and looking for a job around gauteng

  15. Good Day

    I am Nkadimeng Alvina ,im 25 Years old,I have Human Resource Management Diploma ans I’m unemployed. i hope you can help me find ob around Gauteng and mi contacts are 0827681501.

  16. I’m Yolanda Isaks and I am looking for a job here in Bloemfontein. I have a Diploma and Human Resource management.

  17. My name is Nkateko i am currently unemployed and looking for a job anywhere around Gauteng, i have a Degree in Communication Studies and Computer literacy certificate.

  18. My name is Phumeza Mbele 32 years old i am unemployed, I passed my matric 2006, have computer course, drivers licence and human resource management N6. MY contact number is 0604853254.

  19. hi my name nazruddin I’m 24 years old I have experience in motor mechanical repairs and have no luck finding a job could sumone plz advice me

  20. I turned 35 this year and i am starting to be hopeless because both the public and private sectors need 18 to 34 years, what about us the 35 years and over. I have a degree and a few certificates, yes they say we must create employment and not look for employment but its easier said than done. Why is the system kicking us out?

  21. It is of great frustration that the alarming rates of youth unemployment are still up in arms.. this initiative (YES) is a system presenting cheap labour for people with diplomas, degrees. This is really sad. People with honours are applying for cleaning positions how sad.
    Our education system and economic system does not balance. Education is easily accessed since education if for free, while in the economy sphere there are not enough jobs to balance the intake of graduates in the tertiary level. The education system and economic system does balance. the youth are sitting at home with qualifications for years while greedy influential people gain out of all this.

  22. Im 21 years and currently unemployed. I did short courses of project management level 3 and 4 . I need a Job badly.
    Thank you.
    I am always hoping for the best.

  23. Hi my name is Wendy I graduated last year as a quality control inspector level 1 at saiw i am currently living in gauteng but originally from mpumalang middelburg, I am unemployed looking for a job anywhere . Please contact me on my email

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