YouPic is building a new economy around photography- using Blockchain

Image supplied by YouPic
Image supplied by YouPic

Every day people are sending five billion photos to each other in an attempt to express themselves which has created an entirely new demand for impressive and interesting photos and content.

Many social accounts has been build and loved based on “borrowed” or stolen content.

Photographers seem to have a hard time monetizing on this increased content consumption.

Why is that?

As content is becoming more readily available, searchable and licensable it naturally becomes cheaper. Media houses started to fire photographers on staff and which forced many to go freelance.

Nevertheless, the photo licensers kept their cut rates, some being as high as 80% which contributes to photography being one of the most difficult full time occupations when it comes to providing a sustainable income. But does it really have to be that way, is there a solution to the problem?

The answer is yes and it’s simple, easy and brings back the power and profit to the artists, the solution is called blockchain.

By creating an image ownership ledger saved using a blockchain structure we create the global standard of claiming ownership and copyright.

Moreover the blockchain is at the same time used as a licensing platform, when the image is uploaded to the blockchain a price is set in a crypto together with the terms for using the images.

Most importantly the platform will be free, since it’s important for us to allow creators to thrive and where photographers and artists will get to keep the whole profit. In
essence we have taken the heavily centralized network based market of today and converted it to a decentralized autonomous licensing database, giving the power and profit back to the artists!

We truly believe that the platform will be the next photography revolution and joining us we have some of the biggest photography buyers Business Insider, Radisson Hotels, Hyatt Hotels etc.

“We already have in place the right team, tools and the scaled community of 1,8 million
photographers, to try to build a new economy around photography.” Navid Razazi, Founder and CEO of YouPic.

The technology also make it much safer for photographers, journalists and certainly citizen journalists in dictatorships and less democratic governments, allowing them to receive compensation for their work, independently, secure and with no middle men.

Bringing back the power to the artist and settings photos free, pushes the impact of photography further than ever before


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