BMW Plans to Turn your Smartphone into a Digital Key


BMW IS showcasing its new in-car technology at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, taking place from 26 February –1 March.

The aim by the German car manufacturer is to further facilitate seamless connectivity.

The carmaker is showcasing BMW Digital Key at MWC.

It said the BMW Digital Key will make it possible to unlock a BMW using a smartphone.

What’s more, BMW said is that you’ll be able to share your digital key with five users.

BMW @ MWC 2018 (02/2018).
BMW @ MWC 2018 (02/2018).

The carmaker is also showcasing eSIM, which will soon make it possible to incorporate the vehicle into the user’s existing mobile phone contract, paving the way for a whole range of different functions.

“The focus on the customer and their requirements underpins the BMW Group’s presentation of the next steps on the road to digital and intelligent connectivity between the driver and vehicle,” said the company.


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