Nokia 6 Review: It’s a Budget Smartphone Delivering Budget Experience

Nokia 6 smartphone
Nokia 6 smartphone (Photo Credit:

The Nokia 6 isn’t a high-end smartphone device with cutting-edge design.

Is it a great phone to buy?

Yes, especially if your needs for a smartphone are not like mine. It is a reliable phone and Nokia didn’t try to mimic those expensive or premium smartphones.

It has a cool big screen and is affordable with a classic beautiful Nokia design.

That said, the Nokia 6 is huge.

The once-iconic smartphone brand in South Africa has been brought back by Finish-based HMD Global, the brand that hold the licence of the Nokia phones.

The Nokia 6 is an incredibly smart-looking, budget smartphone.

The Nokia 6 design is simple but has the remnants of the older Nokia smartphones, giving it a striking clean look.

This smartphone has a 5.5-inch full HD display and its wide viewing angle makes it easy to watch your favourite videos with family and friends.

However, this display is not colourful or bright enough compared to more expensive smartphones.

The Nokia 6 has 3GB RAM, 32GB of storage and a slot for MicroSD card to increase storage up to 128GB. It has a 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor. I am a demanding user when it comes to smartphones and this processor couldn’t cope with downloads and streaming.

I had to wait for a long time for HDR photos to be loaded and when trying to snap a quick image the camera took long to open.

I was also disappointed with the Nokia 6’s battery. It took time to be recharge it and when I was using streaming services such as Netflix, the battery would get hot very quickly.

The dual-tone flash on the main 16-megapixel camera of the Nokia 6 is promoted by HMD as a solution to help you take natural-looking photos, even in low light places. However, I was really disappointed with the quality of images in low lighting places.

Nokia 6 smartphone
Nokia 6 smartphone (Photo Credit:

HMD might be banking on premium metals design to make the Nokia 6 smartphone look slick and premium.

Therefore, you can buy this smartphone if you don’t want to drain your wallet. It’s still a great budget smartphone.


  • Low price for a mid-range smartphone
  • Cool design
  • Large display
  • Clean version of Android
  • Metal body
Nokia 6 smartphone
Nokia 6 smartphone (Photo Credit:


  • Poor camera
  • Underpowered processor
  • Battery life

Best Deals for Nokia 6


The phone is available through MTN for a cash deal of R3 699 or via a contract starting from R319 per month for 24 months on MTN Made For Me S. Plus, depending on the deal you choose, you get a subscription to Simfy Africa for 3 months and once-off 30GB free data valid for 30 days.


The Nokia 6 is available at Cellucity for a cash deal of R3, 799 and you get free delivery of the smartphone.



  1. Nokia has always been the beloved brand which provide durable products with satisfactory after sale services. Nokia 6 is also really very good phone by performance and design.

  2. I’m trying to find out when the Nokia 6 2018 will actually be available in South Africa, as most places said April or May but nothing is available as of yet.

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