Interview: DFA’s Vino Govender on Techological Revolution

Man working on laptop computer with web icons, internet of things ( IoT ) concept, blue tone.
Man working on laptop computer with web icons, internet of things (IoT ) concept, blue tone. (Photo Credit:

In this special edition of TechFinancials podcast, Gugu Lourie sits down with Acting Chief Strategy Officer at Dark Fibre Africa (DFA), Vino Govender to talk about technological revolution in the enterprise space.

We are in the midst of a technological revolution in the enterprise space with the rapid growth of applications based on Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality. These technologies have the ability to significantly boost the enterprise value chain by cutting costs, increasing revenue as well as enabling product and service innovation.

In the podcast, Govender argue that the demand for higher speeds is only set to increase as these business-enabling applications advance.  Enterprises must adopt a long-term view of their digital transformation strategy to reap the potential benefits of new enterprise technologies.

He will also touch on the IoT network deployment in South Africa by SqwidNet and how is DFA responding to this technological revolution. SqwidNet is the premier network provider for the Internet of Things in South Africa. It is based on the SIGFOX standard, which enables a multitude of low-cost, low-power devices to monitor or respond to events in the environment and to exchange data with each other and with operators and users – all to make life easier.

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Vino Govender CM (SA) | DFA's Acting Chief Strategy Officer
Vino Govender CM (SA) | DFA’s Acting Chief Strategy Officer (Photo Credit: DFA)

DFA is South Africa’s leading provider of open-access fibre infrastructure.

Since DFA’s inception in October 2007, the company has constructed a national fibre network of over 10,000 km in major metros and smaller towns, representing an investment of more than R7 billion.

DFA offers a range of fibre-based solutions to ISPs and other telecommunications providers, from dark fibre to Ethernet-based connectivity.

Whether the DFA clients are big or small, they all have access to the same robust fibre connectivity and industry-leading reliability of DFA’s fibre infrastructure and services.


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