A New Social Media Platform, Chomi, to Promote South African Languages

Experience and share what’s happening in your world using Chomi social network even on your feature phone

Chomi Logo
Chomi Logo (Photo Credit: Chomi)

Chomi, a new South African-based social platform to promote South African languages, has entered the social scene and creating a community that utilises all local languages to chat and share what’s happening in their world.

The new social platform comes in different versions to accommodate different cellphones i.e. ussd version for basic cellphones, mobi version for feature phones and the Apps for smartphones. All these platforms’ interfaces is translated into all 11 South African languages including German.

Organizations are able to set up pages on Chomi to enable them to interact with their audiences as well as to disseminate their information to their audiences.

Chomi Pages have special tools that enable organizations to distribute their content in all South African languages. Organization’s content can also be reached by Chomi users who use basic handsets on their ussd version. For the 1st time South African companies, private and public organizations can now use Chomi Social Network to engage with all South Africans in all languages and on any type of cellphone.

“Even though we are still on Beta Version and having not yet officially launched, we have 700,000 registered users, 300,000 of whom use the ussd version, 65% use vernacular languages and 60% of our users are between the age of 18 to 35,” says Chomi’s CEO, Seati Moloi.

The company behind Chomi, Biza Telecoms promises to include more languages as it expands into new markets across the world.

The Chomi app is available for free downloads on Apple iStore, Google Play Store, Apple iStore, Amazon App Store, Samsung’s Tizon App Store, Vodacom App Store and Mtn App Store. Users use their normal data to download and browse.

The Chomi mobi site is available on chomi.mobi and chomi.africa of which users use their normal data to browse. The platform also offer a text only mobi site which is available on text.chomi.mobi – a text only mobi site that does not include pictures and video material. This is meant to save users data charges as it charges 80% less than the normal mobi as it come in text only.

Chomi ussd version is meant for users who use basic handsets which can only use text and generally do not have access to the internet. Vodacom users pay 50c per day with zero ussd session charges.

MTN, Cell C and Telkom users will use their normal data as their respective networks do not offer data zero rated packages as yet.

To access and use Chomi USSD from a basic handset, please register by dialling a USSD number and pay 50c per day access fee on both Vodacom and MTN.

Multifunctional platform
Multifunctional platform (Photo Credit: Chomi)

The Chomi social platform enables everyone to access content and social networking from any handset.

Through Chomi you can have instant chat with friends and family from a basic phone, feature phone, or smartphone.

You can also contribute and share ideas using text only, pictures, or video.

Biza Telecoms, a 95% black-owned company that claims to thrive on being innovative and creative, is behind Chomi social platform.

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