Bidorbuyers Love Kitchen Gadgets

“Health-conscious shoppers are most likely also behind the surge in popularity of juicers, blenders and smoothie makers”

Coffee grinder
Coffee grinder (Photo Credit: Bidorbuy)

South African online marketplace noted an increased demand for kitchen gadgets at the start of 2018. “On average, almost fifty small kitchen appliances, tools and utensils have been sold every day since the beginning of the year”, says bidorbuy Marketing Manager Joni Calitz.

One big-ticket item that’s been a hit is multi-function digital pressure cooker which performs both as a pressure cooker and as a slow cooker.  Economical to use, this appliance is also seen as a healthier option because it purports to preserve vitamins and other nutrients.

Watermelon slicer
Watermelon slicer (Photo Credit: Bidorbuy)

“Health-conscious shoppers are most likely also behind the surge in popularity of juicers, blenders and smoothie makers”, says Calitz.

She adds that air fryers, a constant favourite on bidorbuy for some time now, also possess the health aspect and explains: “Air fryers mimic the way food cooks in hot oil and are the perfect choice for people who crave the taste of deep-fried foods, but want to avoid the health drawbacks.”

Digital multi-function cooker
Digital multi-function cooker (Photo Credit: Bidorbuy)

The quest for full flavour is probably also propelling the demand for manual coffee grinders, as well as herb and spice grinders.

And the unwillingness to waste food may account for the appeal of avocado and other fruit and vegetable huggers. These reusable silicone lids fit on a variety of leftover cut fruits and vegetables such as lemons, onions, cucumbers, or tomatoes, extending their life. “Of course, plastic wraps would do just as well, but those are wasteful and far less pretty”, says Joni Calitz.
The prettiness factor undoubtedly accounts for at least some of the popularity of kitchen gadgets.

There is the beauty of the finished product. For example, the perfectly julienned vegetables are a reason enough to reach for a mandolin slicer. There are tools that cut potatoes into intriguing spirals, tools that help slice tomatoes into rounds of consistent thickness, tools that core and cut apples into equal wedges, tools that shape perfect hamburgers, and so on.

Then there is the beauty of the gadgets themselves. Many of them come in bright colours and are designed to look good. “Of course, the most important thing in a kitchen gadget is its usefulness, and the kitchen gadgets that shoppers on bidorbuy are buying invariably serve some useful purpose, helping us to save time, be less wasteful, and prepare food the healthier way. As for the best kitchen gadget – I would say it’s the one that looks cute on the counter, but does not collect dust”.


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