Can Your Smartphone Keep Up With You This Festive

Sticky fingers and sand-encrusted towels aren’t a great environment for most electronic devices.

I am using the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy note 8.
I am using the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy note 8. (Photo Credit:

The exquisite South African climate means everyone can really get out and about during the summer months – from sporting activities like cycling, swimming or hiking, to enjoying long lazy days at the pool or an energetic night dancing. Of course, every activity needs to be documented for sharing and reminiscing. Can your smart phone keep up with you though?

Seaside holidays are almost a national pastime in South Africa and while the smell of suntan cream mingling with seaweed and the sounds of waves crashing over the cry of the ice-cream man can bring about a nostalgic attack, there’s also the problem of beach sand that gets into everything from sandwiches to beach bags. Sticky fingers and sand-encrusted towels aren’t a great environment for most electronic devices.

Even if you’re not at the beach, summer night parties are a given, which can also bring about precarious situations for phones. Imagine dressing to kill for a poolside cocktail party only to spill your drink on your smartphone or fall in the pool while posing for that perfect selfie? For most phone users, that would constitute an absolute disaster.

According to research, 61% of smartphone users are worried about how well their phone is protected from water, sand, dust and other elements.

But the Samsung Galaxy Note8, S8 and S8+ are rated IP68 water and dust resistant, so any spills or water-based accidents won’t be an issue. Just be aware, though, that its likely there will be more photographs appearing on social media platforms with blow-by-blow action shots of your fall in full colour and infinite clarity than your poised selfie.

Life happens quickly and moments are just that – moments. That’s why you need to be ready at every turn with your camera. The Note8, S8 and S8+ have a fabulous double tap feature so you can instantly get to camera – ensuring you don’t miss a single precious (or funny) moment. Also, switching between side and front camera is seamless, so you’ll always be ready for that summer shot.

The end of year summer season is also all about your nearest and dearest. Documenting your family holiday or festive season gatherings is vital, especially if you’re getting together with relatives you hardly see during the rest of the year. Make sure all your memories are made precious by taking professional-quality photographs. Samsung’s most advanced smartphone camera is embedded in the Galaxy Note8, S8 and S8+ so you can get amazing shots no matter what the light conditions are and because of the smart auto-focus, even the smallest family member’s wriggling won’t be out of focus. With the infinity display, you’ll be able to make sure you capture even the largest family group, with not a single person missing out on the action.

Whether you’re taking a staycation or venturing into foreign spaces, you’ll need a little assistance to make the most of the summer days – if you need directions, a quick recipe to expand the dinner offering when surprise guests arrive, a restaurant review, translation of a sign or to identify a landmark, you can always call on Bixby to assist. With longer battery life on the S8 and S8+, you won’t have to be concerned about finding a charging point in foreign climes or while you’re chilling on the beach.

Make the most of South Africa’s incredible summer weather and venture out and about to discover more, live your life to the fullest and capture every single moment securely in brilliant colour.



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