Rapelang Rabana
Rapelang Rabana (Photo Credit: womenstuff.co.za-)

Rapelang Rabana has been appointed as Chief Digital Officer of ICT giant, BCX, the enterprise subsidiary of Telkom.

She will be responsible for driving innovation at BCX, while playing an integral role in developing the digital strategies for key customers.

Rabana is stepping down as CEO to of Rekindle Learning and will assume chairperson role.

Rekindle Learning is a learning technology company that challenges the status quo of traditional academic learning through innovative technology solutions for companies and academia.

Rekindle Learning will be joining Telkom’s FutureMakers enterprise development programme.

“This will be a major boost for Rekindle Learning growth path as it can now access BCX and Telkom’s wider network of customers and market access channels”, says the new CEO, Nomsa Seisa.

BCX logo
BCX logo (Photo Credit: Telkom)

Rabana will continue to serve as a non-executive Director of Nisela Capital. 

She will officially join BCX on 1 December 2017.

‘Change is never easy, especially when it involves a business you started, but I believe this is great outcome for Rekindle Learning and the next phase of my journey. This new role provides a great platform to pioneer disruptive digital solutions and most importantly to work with innovative tech companies and grow them to scale through BCX’s ecosystem,” said Rabana.

“Lack of market access is a great inhibitor for growth, and having understood that as an entrepreneur myself, my objective is to bring those insights for the mutual benefit and growth of startups and BCX,’

BCX provides converged infrastructure solutions, information and communication services including cloud, infrastructure, and workspace services; global service integration management; and hardware and network equipment sales in South Africa and African countries.

“Rapelang will fill a pivotal role for the South African technology company as it seeks to further enable disruptive, innovative technology.Rapelang is  a true maverick and disruptor. She has done truly amazing work to advance technology in this country, and I know she will do the same for BCX,” said Ian Russell, CEO of BCX.

He added that Rapelang will bring to BCX a wealth of knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit.

“Her considerable experience has been gained through several years at the forefront of digital innovation that include her previous roles as Founder and CEO of Rekindle Learning.”

 Rapelang is also an internationally lauded entrepreneur, featured on the cover of Forbes Africa magazine before the age of 30; selected as a Fast Company Maverick and named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and Entrepreneur for the World by the World Entrepreneurship Forum. 

“As Chief Digital Officer, Rapelang will be responsible for driving innovation at BCX, while playing an integral role in developing the digital strategies for key customers. She will also be tasked with developing new innovations and businesses and bringing them to scale,” said Russell.