Close up user hand click to asking chat bot ( what can i help you with? )
Close up user hand click to asking chat bot ( what can i help you with? (Photo Credit:

Nedbank announced on Monday the introduction of The Nedbank Insurance Chatbot – or NIC as it is fast becoming known – to make it easy for Nedbank clients, and SA consumers in general, to engage with Nedbank Insurance for all their short-term and personal insurance requirements.

The new digital assistant “NIC”, which was introduced on August 1, makes it possible to request and receive tailored insurance quotes online within just seven minutes, from any internet-connected device, and at any time.

The banking group added that in the near future, the seamless, digital client experience will also be enhanced to allow users to institute claims and submit queries or complaints about Nedbank Insurance products or services.

Chatbots are not new to South African consumers.

However, the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the chatbot technology takes the resulting engagement possibilities to new heights.

Nedbank is one of the first banks in the country to introduce this type of AI-enabled chatbot.

Tawanda Chatikobo, Nedbank Insurance Digital Lead, is confident that the technology is set to revolutionise the way in which people interact with their financial services providers.

“NIC is a customer-centric technology that offers a user-friendly customer experience,” says Chatikobo.

“The AI functionality means the experience is like interacting with a responsive and empathetic human and, in addition to being as easy to use as any social media chat interface, it offers the additional benefit of immediate feedback.”

NIC is available to clients 24/7/365.

“Insurance events don’t keep to office hours, which is why Nedbank Insurance is committed to being reliably there for our clients,” he explains.

“And given the positive feedback we have received thus far, and the steady increase in the numbers of people who are using the chatbot to engage with Nedbank Insurance, we have no doubt that NIC is an idea whose time has come.”

NIC is accessible via and on Facebook messenger.